Short Distance/Track Workouts

These are workouts that Jessie and I posted back in 2012 when we were training for soccer season! These are not only meant for soccer players but anyone looking to be fit and even trying to work on speed as well as endurance. They are intense but good very workouts!

800’s, 1200’s, and 400’s – this is a series of workouts that we use to build our fitness base. We admit that these are not our favorite, but they do actually help. The nice thing is they are not that long. The first week we start out running three 1/2 miles (two laps around the track). We do this three times a week. We allow 5 min between each 1/2 mile and try to maintain an active recovery by jogging and stretching a little bit in between reps. The second week we add on a fourth 1/2 mile and the following week add on two 1/4 miles (1 lap around the track) after the four 1/2 miles. As you get more fit, you can start adding on mileage. Towards the end of the third week we start running three 3/4 miles (3 laps around the track) and two 1/4 miles. By the end of the third week/beginning of the fourth week you should be feeling significant improvements in your fitness. After the fourth week, we don’t continue building up our mileage but you are more than welcome to run four 3/4 miles and later on build up to two 1 miles.

Fourth of July Workout – this is a workout given to me by one of my best friends who is also playing Division 1 soccer at UC Davis. Her team did this workout on the 4th, hence the name. It’s fast paced and exhausting but so good!! This is done on the track. Run 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m, 600m, 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m. After the first 100m, allow 45 sec rest. As you increase in distance add on 15 sec to the rest. After the second 500 m begin to decrease the rest time by 15 sec for the rest of the workout. Take a three min break after the last 100 m. Then run six 200 meter sprints. Allow 45 sec between each 200 m.

Kurtis’ Workout – this workout was given to us by our strength and conditioning coach. It is a fairly short but efficient workout. This can be done on any turf or grass field. Set up a cone at the 18 yd. mark and the 65 yd mark. If you don’t have your field lined in yards, meters will do as well. You will be sprinting to the 18 yd mark and back twice. This is considered to be one shuttle. After each shuttle allow 45 sec for rest. You will also be sprinting to the 65 yd mark. This is 1 sprint. After each sprint allow 25 sec rest. Run 4 shuttles and 8 sprints in whatever order you would like. Normally we do alternate between 1 shuttle and 2 sprints. After completing the 4 shuttles and 8 sprints take a 2 min break. Then repeat the cycle. By the end you should have run 8 shuttles and 16 sprints.

The Fitness Showcase – this used to be our fitness test until the coaches and players realized that one could run this while not actually being fit. However, this is still a good workout. It’s quick and if you are fit you won’t by dying by the end. Set up a cone at the 44 yd mark. Run there and back in less than 15 seconds. This is 1 shuttle. Rest the remainder of the minute. Repeat for a total of 8 times. Rest two min. Repeat. By the end you should have completed 16 shuttles.

The 20-30 workout – this workout was also given to us by my best friend. It’s a good interval workout and can be done on a grass/turf field, track or just on a running path. Run for 20 sec, then sprint for 20 sec, then walk for 20 sec. Repeat for a total of 30 min.

Fitness Test –  this is our team’s current fitness test! Run six 300 yd shuttles set at 50 yd apart. Each 300 yd shuttle should be in 62 sec or less. Rest 1 min in between shuttles with an extra 30 sec after the 4th and 5th shuttle.

Sprint Test- this is very similar to the fitness test but I feel like this one is more of an all out sprint than the fitness test. Run four 300 yd shuttles set at 25 yds apart. Each shuttle should be completed under 63 seconds. Rest 3 min in between shuttles.

Joggers– this is a workout that is done by the women’s lacrosse and field hockey teams. It’s a workout with continuous running. Set a cone at the 25 yd, 50 yd and 100 yd mark. Run 50 yd and back in under 19 seconds. Then turn back around and jog 100 yds. You have until the remainder of the minute to get across. Repeat this for a total of 4 times. For the 5th jogger run to the 25 yd mark and back twice (100 yd total). Then turn around and jog 100 yds. Now you have 1 min 10 sec to get across. This is one set. Repeat this set for a total of 4 times. By the end you should have run 20 joggers (16 with the 50 yd mark and 4 joggers with the 25 yd mark).

Half Field Full Field – also recommended by my best friend. While there is some sprinting at the beginning of the workout, this is not necessarily a sprint workout depending on the length of the field you are at. We were working out on an 110 yd field and set our cone at the 55 yd mark. Sprint 20 yds, 40 yds, 50 yds, and 60 yds. After each sprint, walk back to the start. You should be getting a full recovery. Go through this set twice. The first time start out in a normal start and the second time do a falling start. After these sprints stretch a bit. Set a cone at the halfway mark of your field. Run the full length of the field in 22 sec or less. Rest 22 sec. Run half the length of the field in 12 sec or less. Rest 12 sec. Run a field and a half in 36 sec or less. Rest 36 sec. This is one set. Run 10 sets. You may give yourself an extra minute after the first 5 sets if you feel like you need it.

Stinkers – this workout is short. It is over in less than 12 minutes, but it is exhausting. Sprint 120 yds in 18 sec or less. Jog back to the start in 35 sec. Rest the remainder of the minutes (approx. 7 sec). Repeat 10 times. Give yourself an extra 15 seconds to get back or rest after the 3rd, 6th, and 8th sprints.

The 20 minute workout – as the title suggests, this workout takes only 20 minutes. Also given to us by my best friend from home. Run this on a track. Start near the start line and run 140 meters in 30 sec or less. Then jog to the start of the 200 m (you should have gone 1/2 a lap). You have 30 sec to jog to the new start and rest. Repeat for 20 min. Essentially, you should be completing a lap every two minutes by running for 140 meters and then jogging/resting every 30 sec.

Build-up sprints- this is a fairly long sprint workout. It takes us about 40 min to complete. This workout is full of repetitions and after a certain about of repetitions you build up to a longer distance (the longest being 100 yds). Every repeat should be close to a full sprint. First, sprint 18x20yrds and after each rep give yourself 20sec rest. Then sprint 10x40yrds with 30sec rest in between each one. Then sprint 8x60yrds but after each rep wait 45 sec. Then sprint 6x80yrds with 60sec rest. Finally, sprint 4x100yrds with 75sec rest.

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