Now that I’m no longer playing soccer, I’m moved towards other forms of cardio such as body combat, long distance running, cycling and Zumba! I run a few times a week (3-4 times) and the though the distances fluctuate, I usually run one longer run each week and the rest medium-shorter runs. The other days I do some other sort of cardio depending on how I feel. I also try to do some sort of gym class that involves weights, such as body pump or sculpt once or twice a week!

I find that a mix between cardio and strength is helpful to getting fit (and just generally faster and stronger). Of course listen to your body. There’s no need to overdo the amount of exercise each week!

What are your favorite types of fitness?

– Alessa
From 2012:

This is where we will be posting our workouts. Most of our workouts are cardio based. We normally run, either doing some sort of sprint workout or longer endurance interval training, and then will do some lifting or work on soccer skills. We also try to incorporate some type of core exercises every day.

Try them out and let us know what you think. Also we appreciate any new types of workouts. We are always looking to try new things and put our bodies to the test.

Enjoy the workouts!!

~Jess & Less

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