Workout Fashion

Workout Fashion

One of my soccer coaches once told me that we needed to take good care of our cleats (clean them, shine them, etc.) because “if you look good, you’ll feel good, and if you feel good,  then you’ll play good” (ignore the grammar!). While my 13 year-old self kind of believed him, I really do believe him now. Whether you are going to an interview or just going on a run, it’s a great feeling to put on something that’s fashionable, comfortable, and appropriate.

I just recently bought some athletic gear from Fabletics and I absolutely love it! I had always gone the Nike or the Under Armour route (especially for long spandex due to running track in high school). I bought a pair of grey leggings and they are so comfortable!!

These are some of my favorite brands (not in any particular order)!

1. Nike (so hard to beat)

2. Fabletics (just discovered them and they are great!)

3. Zumba (lots of cute and fun workout gear!)

4. Under Armour (mostly for the long spandex)

5. Target (great place to buy sports bras)

6. Running Warehouse (I love their running shoes!! I wear Mizuno and Asics)

7. Lululemon (I love window shopping, but haven’t actually bought anything there due to the hefty price! Though I’ve heard the clothing lasts a long time!)


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