If you continue reading below, you’ll see that this blog was originally started not only by me (Alessa), but also by my very good friend Jessie back in 2012. We eventually stopped blogging and I made an attempt to pick it up again towards the end of 2012, but was rather unsuccessful. Now we have graduated from college and I have decided I want to re-start it! I’m the only one writing the blog these days and I hope it’s still as interesting/entertaining as it was back in the day of Jess and Less!

From San Luis Obispo, California, I left the West Coast to go to Harvard College in 2010. I (barely) survived the winter season the last four years that I made the decision to stay on the East Coast for my job! I’m currently at home for another month until I move back to Boston towards the end of July! I have a wonderful, loving family. My parents, originally from Guatemala, have been so supportive my entire life. It’s difficult to explain just how amazing they both are and all they have done to give my sister and I better lives.  They have made a lot of sacrifices for me and my sister and we are very appreciative of them. I only have one younger sister, and she is my best friend. She is currently in college, also at Harvard! This means I’ll still get to see her even though I’ll no longer be in college, and that makes us both very happy 🙂 I love love my family and I’m so happy that I was able to come home this summer and spend lots of fun time with my parents!

I’ve grown up surrounded by athletics and working out, but it wasn’t until I stopped playing soccer that I really started doing longer distance running (check out my fitness links for more about this!). I enjoy all types of fitness including group exercise classes such as Les Mills’ Body Combat, Body Attack, and Body Pump, as well as Zumba (I am a certified Zumba instructor), but I also love going on runs outside and sometimes I also go to yoga and take dance classes (these last two are much more sporadic). I love breaking a sweat and working hard. I often feel the “runner’s high” after my runs and love the feeling of accomplishment after working out.

Regarding food and nutrition, I grew up eating in a healthy home. As I was always working out in high school, I could basically eat as much as I wanted and whatever I wanted without gaining any weight (that was the last thing on my mind). Then I got to college and was working out less (since I no longer played 90 minutes of soccer as I did in high school), eating the same amount, and was introduced to alcohol. What a perfect recipe for the dreadful freshman 15. Needless to say, the last four years has been a challenge to get rid of those extra pounds because of the college lifestyle. While I tried my best to eat healthy for the most part (you can see my old blog posts from 2012), it’s not the same when you don’t get to cook for yourself every day with delicious and fresh ingredients. I eat so much better and feel more satisfied when I have helped prepare the meal or know exactly what I’m eating (though there are of course exceptions when I eat a delicious meal at a friend’s house or go out to eat at a well-known/high quality restaurant). I’ve been having so much fun cooking at home so far this summer and I am looking forward to continuing the healthy lifestyle I was always used to when I start work back in Boston!

Thank you for reading my blog!! Enjoy!!



From 2012:

Thank you so much for visiting our blog!

We are Jess & Less, two Harvard college athletes. After nearly obsessively following food and exercise blogs for the past year, we thought what better way to share and keep track of our own food and exercise by writing our own blog together. We are so excited to share our lifestyles with you with our daily posts of meals and workouts.

We first started reading food & fitness blogs last summer. We were training really hard to get in shape for preseason but had really no idea how to properly fuel ourselves. We knew the basics about nutrition like, don’t overdue it on sweets, eat everything in moderation, workout, drink lots of water, but we wanted to learn more about what foods were necessary for maximum energy. Reading blogs and various types of articles online helped us figure out what type of nutrition we should be getting, although we didn’t always do a good job of following it. This summer we’ve decided to make a permanent change to be healthier individuals and this is partly where our blog comes in! Having this blog is holding us accountable and also allows us to share with you how we are able to stay energized through out the day with all the exercise we do by eating happily and nutritiously.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading our blog and maybe get a few ideas of meals and snacks, as well as workouts! Although many of our workouts are tailored to runners and soccer players, anyone can do them! Our workouts can be modified in many ways to fit your needs!


Jessie and Alessa (or just jess and less).

The track we run on!


We love Cambridge! So beautiful.

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