2017 is here…


…and I am back – nearly 1.5 years later! It was fairly obvious in 2015 that I was having a difficult time keeping up with my blog and sadly I dropped off the blog world. However, it’s a new year and I’m determined to start this up yet again.

A lot has changed between then and now. Let me give you a quick run-down, in no particular order:

  • I finished my first sprint triathlon
  • I went to the Patriots Stadium and saw Beyoncé after release of Lemonade
  • I spent Christmas in Boston
  • I went to Puerto Rico
  • I received two work promotions
  • I moved across the country to San Francisco
  • I made new friends (both in Boston and SF)
  • I now walk to work every day
  • I am in a loving relationship
  • I ran the Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving
  • I am in a book club
  • I am going to physical therapy for my injury
  • I am a huge HBO television fan


I honestly feel more in control of my life, which is a great thing. I don’t mean to say I have it all figured out – I’m still in my 20’s after all, but I do feel much more confident in myself, both professionally and personally. And I’m happy!

I decided to come back to my blog after some conversations with my boyfriend, Brian (he recently just started his own tech and bio blog! Check it out!). With his new blog, he inspired me to pick this back up again. Back in 2015, I really only let myself only to the following: work, workout, eat, watch TV, hang out with friends/family, and sleep. Now in 2017, I want to do all that and more with my life and my time. I want to travel to new places, volunteer/mentor, read, teach gym classes, and of course, blog. All of these have previously been goals of mine, but I don’t think I really went after them the way I should have. But I’m okay with that – life is a journey after all.

I see this blog now as more than just a blog about fitness and food, and more about me navigating my way through my adult life and trying to accomplish the personal and professional goals I have set for myself this year (and I hope you’ll join me!). Of course fitness and food is still a huge part of my life, and as such, I will continue to focus the majority of my posts on these topics with some other life topics in there as well.

Happy 2017!


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