NYC Weekend with My Bestie

I just got back from NYC and while it’s nice to be back, I’m sad the weekend is over. I had such a great last 4 days! It wasn’t all play as I worked out of the NYC office Thursday and Friday. My commute from Danielle’s house to the office only took me 20 min! That’s less than half the time it takes me to get to work normally. It was fun spending time with my NYC co-workers and seeing the office. Thursday after work, Danielle and I went out to a restaurant called Cask and Friday we went to a rooftop bar. The food at Cask was amazing!!! We got sliders and grilled avocado and gnocchi to share 🙂 Saturday during the day, Danielle had orientation for her new job so I spent the morning watching tv and relaxing and the second half I went exploring around the city. I went to Chobani and got the most delicious savory yogurt! It was plain yogurt with olive oil, salt and pepper, mint and cucumber. I also got a second yogurt but saved it for breakfast this morning!! IMG_7195.JPG




Saturday night we went out since I wasn’t going to be in NYC Sunday night. Danielle and I went out with two friends, April and Jason. April and Danielle went to school together and I went to school with Jason. It was so nice to see Jason and catch up!! This morning, Danielle, April and I headed to Connecticut to go surfing on a lake! April has a friend with a boat and we took it out and went surfing 🙂 I’ve never surfed before but I decided I would try it out after April and Jared. In the beginning I was having a really hard time standing up because my heels were too far forward on the board, but eventually I figured it out. It was SO much fun. I couldn’t believe I actually did it 🙂 Also, the lake was gorgeous. When I wasn’t taking photos of April and Jared surfing I was admiring the nature around me. Such a beautiful fall day, truly the perfect way to spend my Sunday 🙂

It was a huge bummer to leave Danielle and my new friends but I’ll see them soon! Danielle is planning on coming to visit me in Boston next month and I really hope it works out 🙂 And now I want to go back to NYC! I can’t remember if I’ve already said this but Danielle and I have been best friends since 4th grade and I couldn’t have been happier to spend her bday weekend with her and see her new life. Check out some pictures of me surfing from today:





Hope you had a nice weekend!


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