At the Airport

Hi friends!

Right now I’m at the airport waiting to catch a flight to New York City! My work has an office there and I’m going to work from that office the rest of the week 🙂 I’m pretty excited! I’m also excited because I get to see one of my best friends from high school who finally moved out East! YAY FRIENDS. We haven’t been this close to each other in over 4 years and I’ve known her since 4th grade so if it’s not obvious already, I’m really pumped to see her and check out her “new life.”
I can’t wait for the weekend to be able to spend more time with her and really catch up! Also it’s Danielle’s birthday on Sunday, so we will be doing lots of celebrating 😉

This week so far has been great! Definitely not an insane week, which is nice because I felt quite stressed last week. I think it helped that I had such a relaxing weekend. As you may recall Saturday was my “me” day and then Sunday I had a very good friend come up to visit my sister and I from New Hampshire! It was wonderful being able to show Maria my apartment, tell her about my new chapter in my life and get some quality time just talking. My sister was tied up with extracurriculars in the morning (such a busy bee) so Maria and I hung out at my apartment and then went to a great little coffee shop near Porter Square called 3 Little Figs. There we enjoyed iced dirty chai teas (chai tea with an espresso shot) and had breakfast. I had granola in almond milk. So yummy 🙂 IMG_7187.JPG



Then we met up with Oksana and showed Maria her dorm and then it was time for brunch. We went to the Beat Hotel in Harvard Square. I ordered an egg white omelette with goat cheese, asparagus, and other veggies. It was very good and also filling! We ended up having a such a fun time chatting that we were there for nearly four hours!!! Talk about a good time. The restaurant was setting up for dinner by the time we left. Afterwards, we got dessert at Berryline (classic) and then hung out nearby the river before it was time for Maria to head back. My weekend really put me in a good place for the week and I can’t believe tomorrow is already Thursday. I find it really interesting that no matter what type of week I’m
having (stressful or not), the days just seem to fly by. And now, here I am actually getting ready to fly. Hehe.

Also, it’s now October! Rabbit, rabbit (my favorite pet by the way).


– Alessa

2 thoughts on “At the Airport

  1. next time you go to 3 little figs, try the greek yogurt. it is INSANELY good. it’s actually from maria’s greek pantry in belmont. i first tried it at pemberton farms and nearly cried bc it was so good. i then drove right over to maria’s just so i could get a tub of it. it’s ridiculously creamy and actually not that bad for you! they have vanilla, honey vanilla, coconut, and plain in 0% and 2%. the place is tiny but you’ve got to at least go for the yogurt or some of their greek pastries. but if you don’t feel like driving that far, definitely try it at 3LF or PF. so delicious. have fun this week!


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