Me Day

Today I took a “me” day, basically meaning that I did whatever I felt like doing. I had a very busy and probably my most stressful work week yet. I’m at that point where everything is still fairly new and even though I’m getting slightly more efficient and starting to understand what it is that I need to do, there’s still this very steep learning curve. That being said, I was able to get everything I need to get completed done and that makes me happy 🙂 I may do an hour or so of work tomorrow evening just to get ready for the week come Monday, but that’s no big deal!

My week work was not the only reason for my “me” day. I realized I hadn’t really taken much time for myself over the last few weekends and I was starting to feel desperate for some alone time/no obligations. Don’t get me wrong, I love being around people and hanging out with friends. I am a people person and love to be surrounded by people that mean a whole lot to me. However, today i just wanted a day where there were no plans involved expect for the ones that I decided I felt like making. It was a little weird for me to feel this way, but I guess it happens and that’s why people always stress that it’s important for one to take a little bit of time for him/herself every day. This week I didn’t do that at all. I worked, came home, and worked until I went to bed. I didn’t mind the work as I enjoy the projects I’m working on, but come Friday, I realized “Wow, I haven’t cooked all week nor have I even watched an episode of tv or read a book or articles online. I’ve barely even been on Facebook!” And that’s when I realized I’ve been so busy doing other things that I haven’t had much time to just “chill” and focus on myself. The one good thing I did this week was start going to the gym in the mornings, which happened Monday, Tuesday, and Friday (I lifted Monday, ran Tuesday, and stretched/did some recovery exercises on Friday). Last night some of my co-workers got together and I just didn’t have it in me to go. Last week I rallied and went despite feeling tired, but this Friday I told myself there was no way I was going to even try to go. Not going to lie, a little part of me felt like I should just go and spent quality time with my friends, but the rest of me said “no way, you need ‘just you’ time.” So instead, I watched Scandal and Law and Order:SVU in my bed and it felt amazing 🙂

Today, I started off my “me” day by picking up my room. My work clothes had been piling up on my couch and I needed that to go away. I turned on my speakers and computer and blasted 90’s music, while cleaning and it was pretty great. Then I went on a bike ride to Boston and just rode around for an hour. It was the perfect day to be outside as it was sunny. It felt like summer was back, but I know better than to think that. Then I came back and hung out with my roommates and a couple other girls for a few hours who were over at the house for a May Kay party. See, “me” day doesn’t mean I don’t want to see anyone!! Now, I’m back in my room and will probably hang out here for the rest of the evening.

“Me” day has turned to be quite the success. I wanted today to be about relaxing and taking some time to just breathe and have some down time. Today is not even over yet (I have an entire evening of relaxation to look forward to), but I already feel rejuvenated and at ease with myself. I know I talked about how I tried this summer to focus a lot of myself and the things that made me happy and I think today I was able to come back to that by listening to what my body felt like it needed and respecting that I felt in need of a “me” day.

Happy Saturday!


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