My Running Belt

There are three things I rely on when I go running: 1) RunKeeper app on my iPhone 2) Headphones 3) Running Belt. While having the RunKeeper app is really useful and my headphones allow me to listen to fun music, I’ve realized I NEED my running belt. There have been a couple instances where I’ve forgotten it or couldn’t remember where I put it, and thus run with out, but it felt uncomfortable holding my phone and keys in my hand. I know what you are thinking- “why didn’t you just tie your key to your shoe?” I have done that in the past but sometimes it’s a pain tying it on and then undoing my shoe laces far enough so that the key stays put. And usually I have more than just a key, as I’ve mentioned I enjoy running to music, and I also try to carry a credit card or ID with me in case something were to happen to me. So basically I need my running belt 🙂 Not only do I use my belt for running, but it’s also handy for any workout, especially lift workouts at the gym or bike rides, and even when I’m traveling (where it serves as a money belt, rather than just a workout belt). It’s also nice because then I don’t have to check to make sure I’m wearing clothing with pockets, as a lot of cute workout clothes doesn’t come with pockets big enough for all my workout essentials!

I’ve had my running belt now for over two years and it’s really been life changing. You can throw it in the washer with workout clothes, and I just hang dry it (can’t remember if it can go in the dryer or not). It’s adjustable so I can tighten it in a way so it sits snugly on my hips and doesn’t move while I’m working out. Yesterday was my first day back doing my normal morning lift routine at the gym and I didn’t bring my running belt 😦 It was kind of devastating. I remembered last night I needed to find it before the morning, and I searched my room for where I could have put it. After about 7 minutes of looking in the appropriate places, I had convinced myself I had lost it and was getting ready to write a post called “RIP Running Belt: an ode to my running partner,” but then I remembered it was in my bike bag!!! YAYY. So happy 🙂 I used it this morning on my 4.25 mile run, which felt great by the way. I wasn’t huffing and puffing too hard, which tells me I haven’t lost too much endurance that I worked so hard to build up. I was so happy running that when I got back to the gym, the receptionist noticed and commented that I must have had a great run 🙂 While my legs are feeling a bit more sore now, my arms were really feeling it during the run, probably due to the arm/back workout I did yesterday. It really feels wonderful to be back working out in the morning both at the gym and outside! Now off to work! 🙂


Happy hump day!

– Alessa

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