Summer Friday

I really don’t understand how it got to be Friday already. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fridays (especially now that we have “Summer Fridays” at work), but I just can’t believe that an entire work week has passed already and I haven’t written a single post all week! This week has been sort of a weird week for me in terms of training. I didn’t realize until Sunday that a shelf that had fallen on my leg had turned into a pretty nasty bruise that kind of hurt. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it was impacting my quad a bit so I decided to push through the pain, thinking it was only the bruise. Therefore, I ran a fast 4 miles on Monday (7 min/mile pace) and then did some lifting, targeting my arms and back. My intense run might have strained my quad more than usual (I’ve had some right quad issues for a while now but have done a good job of managing the pain, taking it easy when I worked it too much, etc.) because it has been hurting a lot this week. Not good 😦 Tuesday, I decided to do a yoga class because I thought it might help to stretch it out, and also because I am trying to also incorporate yoga into my routine. Wednesday and Thursday I took it easy, going home after work and catching up on some house work. This afternoon I went to the gym but did mostly another arm, back and core lifting workout. I did also bike a couple miles though because I went and picked up my bike from the bike shop! I took it there last week because it was in pretty bad shape, but now it’s all fixed! HOORAY! I know I should keep off my leg and so I am going to refrain from running for another few days. This weekend I have plans to go to Zumba (I promise I won’t go all out because I do want to heal and get better). I also really should ice, but I’m super bad about doing that. Writing all of this down will hopefully make me accountable so that my quad gets better soon. I’m usually pretty good about not getting too hurt and backing off when necessary, but I’m really not consistent when it comes to rehab. Things to work on, right?

My meals this week have been pretty simple, as I need to go to the grocery store. I’m planning on going to Trader Joe’s via bike tomorrow on an easy leisurely ride. This time I will not buy the entire store in one trip. Haha. I ate this yummy salad for lunch two days this week with arugula, honey almonds, garlic hummus, pesto, manchego cheese, whole-grain mustard, and raspberry balsamic vinaigrette! I also made these delicious chicken and vegetables the other night (though the picture doesn’t do the food justice). I’ve also been eating a lot of “arroz con leche” Alessa style (using black rice). Wednesday after work we had a happy hour with members of the Leadership team and I ordered a couple drinks over the couple hours I was there. One drink (pictured below) was a Blood Orange Margarita, and the other a Backyard Sweet Tea. Both were great! I also made quinoa last night and ate that with my chicken and vegetables, adding pesto on top last night, and cheese and salsa with it today for lunch. I also drank this delicious peach and cherry smoothie from B.good this afternoon! I highly recommend it. It was made with coconut milk, fresh peaches, lime juice, and a couple other healthy and delicious ingredients 🙂 Overall, I would say I make it work with what I have in the kitchen. Sometimes that’s what it is all about! However, I’m excited to get some new produce and meat. I just found a bunch of recipes online and am going to plan out my grocery list/meals before heading to the store this weekend.


















This evening, I’m getting together with some of my co-workers. It’s fun that we enjoy hanging out together in our free time! I really do feel lucky to be working with such fun individuals and in a very welcoming and friendly work environment. Also, I officially finished my 4th week of work this Friday! Happy one month anniversary to myself and my new job 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

~ Alessa

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