Busy Bee

Happy Saturday!! This week was really busy for me. I had to get done at work that there were several nights that I even took my work home with me. Yesterday, my project simulation team gave a 20 minute presentation on the project we had been working on all week, so we really had to nail everything down by Thursday! The presentation went well and we did a good job answering the tough questions thrown our way, so I was very proud of us 🙂
Last night my co-workers and I went out in Boston to celebrate our first real working week (as last week was pretty much all training). It was a fun time! This week has made me realize that maybe I won’t be posting as frequently as I had been earlier this summer (partly due to the fact that I’m so exhausted after work that I go immediately to bed after dinner/finish my work at home). I’m still figuring the timing out, but hopefully will still be able to post at least 3 times a week!

Yesterday after work (since I got off at 1 pm), I went on a long afternoon run. I ran an 8 mile loop at a fairly speedy pace. It was hot out and I definitely didn’t hydrate enough beforehand. However, the sun felt great and it was so nice to be outside enjoying the beautiful Boston views. I also exercised Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, but those were both strength days. Tuesday was a strength and core class and Wednesday I had a personal training session where we figured out my routine 🙂 It was nice that we were able to nail that down. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to do that in the one session so that was great news! I was going to try to purchase another three sessions, but looking at my budget I realized that money should probably be going to more important things like medical insurance (lol). Furthermore, I actually get one more complimentary session with her, so in my mind it all works out!!

My eating this week was a bit all over the place. Some meals I cooked, others I bought, some were leftovers, etc. The office also has this candy bowl that I ate way too much candy from this week. I probably ate more candy in a week than I ate in the last 4 months. Part of it was due to anxiety, lack of sleep, but also because I stayed late some nights and didn’t bring a big enough lunch or any snacks. Now I’ve learned that next week, I need to bring snacks to leave in the office in case I don’t pack a big enough lunch (this happens when I’m in a rush in the morning)!! I think my stomach will like me much better if I do that. I was feeling kinda sick from all that processed sugar.

Some of the real food I ate this week (candy doesn’t count haha) included black rice, a quesadilla, caprese salad, overnight oats, gluten-free pizza (I went out to eat with my sister who is gluten-free), turkey sandwich, and kale salad. Pictures are below!







Today should be pretty low key! I do need to work on unpacking boxes/organizing my room and I’d also like to do some sort of workout today, but other than that I’ll be relaxing 🙂 Enjoy your Saturdays!

~ Alessa

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