Weekend Move-in

I hadn’t planned on not posting all weekend long, but the days just escaped me! The majority of the weekend was spent moving all my boxes, my bed, couch, and table up into my room. I also cleaned the entire kitchen with one of my roommates Saturday afternoon. But I finally slept in my own clean bed last night! It felt amazing 🙂 it was a lot of work moving in though. Yesterday, I started moving stuff at 3 pm and didn’t finish until 1 am. That included all the cleaning I did (sweeping, swift wrong, mopping, dusting) as well as moving up all my boxes/furniture. And the crazy part is that I am still not done setting up. Luckily all my belongings are in my room but now I need to organize everything and get bookshelves and wicker bins for some of my items. I also need to decorate!! I’m hoping I can get a lot more done this weekend and wrap it all up by the following weekend. Still have a lot of work to do, but it will look great when I’m done (I hope!).

I also did a couple other fun things this weekend! My sister and I went on a sister date to Life Alive (a vegan restaurant) and JP licks (ice cream store). We had a ton of fun and wonderful conversations 🙂 I love hanging out with her. We each ordered an Adventurer bowl and shared a smoothie. For dessert we shared a small ice cream! Yummy, yummy!




We also went on a sister lunch yesterday to Bgood where we shared a Southwestern Chicken salad. Bgood has some really delicious salads, and this one in particular is one of my favorites.




While I was very busy with move in, I still found time to work out 🙂 I ran 8 miles on Saturday with my friend Sarah and went to Zumba both days this weekend. And moving in was also a huge workout!! Haha.

This is a picture from my run to Fresh Pond! The picture a little dark because it was raining a bit on our run, but the temperature and humidity were perfect!


Here are some other pictures of my meals from the weekend! I made a kale smoothie on Saturday for lunch (kale, avocado, mango, chia seeds, blueberries). I are chicken noodle soup again last night. For breakfast Sunday, I had cereal with almond milk!! I also ate mango for snack yesterday and these pomegranate cranberry granola bars both days over the weekend along with some other nut clusters.








Happy Monday!!

– Alessa

2 thoughts on “Weekend Move-in

  1. i came back to this post just so i could drool over the adventurer bowl again. would you believe i’ve never had one of their smoothies or juices? people think i’m crazy when i tell them. i guess i just *need* a bowl when i go and want to focus only on that, haha. i always swear that next time i go to life alive i’m going to try a different bowl. the goddess is next on my list!! do you follow them on instagram? they tempt me to come in with every post!


    • haha I know I love the adventurer!! I don’t know if you do this but I add avocado on mine as I feel like it’s the only ingredient missing. I think I’ve only gotten a smoothie that one time. I’ve had the green goddess also, and it’s good but the adventurer is still my favorite! I should really follow them on instagram but I feel like they will also tempt me with every post 😉


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