Work and Bowling!

I won’t say I’m getting used to the 5:30 am wake up call, but I’ve surprisingly been feeling good/awake at 6 am when I’m in the middle of a workout. Today I went to Body Pump! While I do cardio most of the time, I’m not as consistent when it comes to lifting. Ever since I stopped playing soccer, I haven’t had a consistent regimen, but I’m now looking to do something about it. Body Pump is nice because it is focused more on lighter weight and more reps; however, after doing some reading and research online (and also from prior experience lifting), I’m realizing I should probably do more “power lifting.” I’m not looking to become a power lifter, but I am looking to become a faster runner and for that I need to do exercises that require me to build both my strength and power/explosiveness. Since lifting, particularly power lifting, is less reps, but heavier weight, you really have to use your muscles to explode upwards into a clean and press, for example, or squat. I have a personal training session tomorrow and I’m hoping I can convey to the personal trainer what my goals are and set up a regimen for lifting/explosive exercises. This doesn’t mean I won’t ever do Body Pump ever again, but I’m going to try switching things up a bit and see how it goes! I’m sure I’ll still find myself doing a body pump class within the next couple weeks anyways since it’s so fun!

I bought oats at the store the other day, but hadn’t made oatmeal yet. Last night, I had this genius idea to make overnight oats. It’s probably be the easiest way to make oatmeal and it’s yummy! I used the recipe on KathEats and used ⅓ oats, ⅓ plain nonfat Greek yogurt, ½ cup almond milk, ½ teaspoon of chia seeds, and honey! I also added ½ banana to the oatmeal in the morning 🙂 I ate my oats and a peach on my way to work!

For lunch, we had Panera brought to us again! This time we had a half sandwich with a half salad combo, still with chips and cookie. I had the smoked turkey half sandwich. I only ate half of the bread because I wasn’t feeling the white bread and also secretly because I was more into the idea of chips and a cookie…whoopsies haha. I ate the salad with only a minor amount of dressing and the chips and half of the cookie (ate the other half as a snack in the mid afternoon).





My dinner tonight isn’t much healthier than the chips and cookie. That happens sometimes at company events, especially when it’s Happy Hour! We are headed to a bowling alley in Boston for a night of socializing, bowling, appetizers, pizza and drinks! I’ll do my best to find the healthiest options possible 🙂 There seem to be some good options! But I won’t say no to the pizza. I haven’t decided yet if I want to eat it yet with beer or wine. I know pizza and beer is a good combo, but now that I’ve gotten more into wine, I may want a glass of wine…I guess I’ll have to see what kinds they are serving! This will be a fun way to basically end my first week of work 🙂 I’m excited to get to know my co-workers better! And also to bowl! I wouldn’t say I’m a very good bowler but I find it fun and can get a little competitive with myself haha.



What are you going tonight? Hopefully something fun!

Happy almost Friday!

– Alessa

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