Day Two of Training

So today was only my second day of work, but already I’m getting used to the office and I feel as though I see familiar faces as I walk around the office (in addition to all my newbie co-workers that I am with all day in training!). I realized last night that I hadn’t taken a day off from working out in over a week (you’d think I’d keep on top of it since I have a blog! :)), and decided I would take today off. It was also a great call because I was feeling exhausted last night from getting up early the past few days, jet lag still from Thursday, and I just hadn’t fully caught up on sleep. I still got up fairly early, 7:15 am, but that felt so much later than 5:30 am! However, tomorrow it’s back to the early morning exercise. Will be hitting the hay rather early tonight.

This morning for breakfast I ate granola, an apple, and drank a large cup of coffee. It was the perfect meal to get to pumped for morning training where we learned shortcuts for PowerPoint and other in’s and out’s we might not have been familiar with already.

Lunch today was catered by none other than Panera. I chose the Turkey sandwich that came on a cheese bread with onions, and lettuce. The lunch box also came with a GIANT cookie and potato chips. I ate half the sandwich, half the cookie, and the potato chips, and decided to save the rest for dinner since it was a lot of food. The rest of the afternoon was more training (incredibly insightful). I might have mentioned this yesterday but my first two weeks of work is basically all training! What a nice way to ease us into the working world. In the afternoon, I drank tea and coffee and a mini pack of fruit snacks! Before I knew it, the day was over, and I packed my things to get ready to go back home.


Since I had leftovers from lunch (I’m a huge fan of using “fresh” leftovers to make a new meal), I decided to eat them for dinner but add a little twist! I decided to eat my half sandwich with one of my favorite soups – Tomato and Roasted Bell Pepper Soup from Trader Joes with avocado, kale, a couple mozzarella balls, a little pesto, and a few cherry tomatoes. Oksana is gluten-intolerant so instead of eating part of the sandwich, I made her a half a quesadilla. For dessert, I ate the rest of my cookie. A pretty simple, but yummy dinner 🙂


Good night! I hope you are having a nice work week so far!

– Alessa

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