Sister Date

My sister came home late last night!! It was so good to hug her once she walked through the front door of my apartment. Missed that girl 🙂 We stayed up a few hours talking about her summer, but finally I got so tired that we decided to go to sleep. This morning we woke up at 9 am and got ready to go to Flywheel! Flywheel is a cycling/spin gym that holds spin classes. Today we took a 45 minute class. It was a good workout and we spun to great music!

Afterwards, Oksana and I went to Sweet Green for lunch! Oksana hasn’t eaten an actual salad in months and was really looking forward to her first full bite of salad!! We both ordered the July salad which came with on a bed of kale and baby spinach with chicken, roasted vegetables (squash, corn, zucchini, turnips), carrots, parmesan crisp, basil, and a pesto vinaigrette. We also ordered a blueberry basil lemonade to share!




Our next stop after lunch was Marshall’s. I wanted to check out their kitchen ware and see what they had. We ended up finding some good deals. I bought a set of plates and bowls, glasses, as well as a pot and pan! We had a plan to take the T back but once we realized we wouldn’t be able to carry everything, we ended up taking an Uber back. Before taking the Uber, we made a quick pitstop at Trader Joe’s and bought groceries for the next couple weeks! We came up with all sorts of fun things for dinner such as chicken noodle soup, meatballs and tomato sauce, chicken tacos, soup and quesadillas, roasted vegetables, etc.

I spent the rest of the afternoon organizing the groceries and washing/drying all the dishes I got the last couple of days. Took some time, but I’m so happy everything is all clean and ready to go for the week. This week, my work is providing me with lunch, which is pretty awesome! I start work TOMORROW. But I will be cooking all my dinners 🙂

Tonight I made us a taco bar. We had bought corn tortillas, cuban style black beans, roasted corn, tomatoes, grilled chicken, onions, and garlic. I already had manchego cheese and avocados at home. It was one delicious meal!! We had a couple Lindt truffle chocolates and granola for dessert! I’d say we ate very well today! I’m very satisfied 🙂






Oksana and I are relaxing this evening and also getting me ready for my first day of work tomorrow! 🙂 It feels so good to have Oksana back. I missed my little sister!! I think I’ve convinced her to go cycling early tomorrow morning before work so we will have even more bonding time before I head to the office!

Good night!

~ Alessa

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