Audition Day

I had a fairly long day today! I left the house around 9:45 am and didn’t return until almost 12 hours later.

For breakfast, I had non-fat plain Greek yogurt with honey, almond & flax seed crunch cereal topped with blueberries. I also had a puffed rice roll and drank a green tea lemonade from Starbucks. Needed some caffeine in me after that red eye!


Today was also audition day! I had two different auditions, both for Zumba. My first one was at one of the Harvard gyms. I walked there from my apartment. It felt so nice to step back on campus. For a second, I almost believed I hadn’t graduated yet! I had a ton of fun at the audition. I received great positive feedback as well as good constructive feedback! I’m supposed to hear back next week so we will see what happens 🙂 Hopefully it’s good news!



In between auditions I ate my packed lunch – avocado chicken salad, bell peppers, blueberries, and nuts! Then I made my way to my second audition in Chestnut Hill. This audition felt rather rushed but I still had so much fun teaching my one song. There was a lot more paperwork to fill out and right now there aren’t any Zumba classes that fit with my schedule. Regardless of what happens, I hope I stay in touch with the managers at Healthworks so I could maybe sub if it doesn’t work out! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed! I hope I impressed at least one of the gyms 🙂



For dinner, I met up with my college roommate, Georgina! It was a rather short dinner because Georgina was on a time crunch, but it was so good to see her 🙂 We met up at Bgood and both got the strawberry salad. The salad came with spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, candied walnuts, figs, and balsamic vinegar. To drink, I had a blueberry banana smoothie with Greek yogurt, honey, dates, banana, and basil.



I walked back towards my apartment but before going home, I made a pitstop at the gym to work out my arms and core. My arms had already had a bit of a workout earlier in the day from carrying a plastic bag full of glass containers that I had bought earlier in Chestnut Hill. I’m so excited about my new containers!! Upon coming home, I enjoyed a snack mixture of cereal, nuts, and a broken up puffed rice roll. I didn’t notice at the time, but I did a lot exercise today! I walked 5 miles, did about 40 min of Zumba and lifted! And the good news is I am not feeling too sore, which is great because I’m going run on a run with my friend (Sarah) tomorrow 🙂

Tonight I’m watching P.S. I Love You with my roommates. I’ve never seen it before!

What is your Friday night looking like?

Good night!

– Alessa

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