Back in Boston

The plane ride here wasn’t too bad! I was flying first class for the main leg after all. I ate breakfast really early today (well technically last night) since they were serving a Mediterranean plate in first class and I didn’t want to pass it up! I ate hummus, artichokes, Cous Cous, and a little feta. It was pretty good, but as a result I wasn’t really hungry for the most of the day. Around 3 pm, I ate a protein bar, and a small pack of nuts, a honey stick, and a small bag of potato chips and didn’t eat dinner until after 9 pm. And boy was I hungry by then! I did a lot of exercise today. I hadn’t planned on it, because I thought I was going to be too tired from the red eye, but later I got excited about going to Trader Joes and decided to run there. I ran a fast two miles (the distance from my apartment to the grocery store), but then I got lost, so it took me longer to get there than I anticipated. The way back was a bit of a struggle because I was holding a grocery bag full of food in each hand. Later that afternoon, I went to the gym and did a couple classes (a cardio class and a conditioning class) to check them out! I really liked them both. I had never done Barre before and it was fun and worked my muscles!! For dinner, I made an arugula salad with California Avocados, grilled lemon chicken, and manchego cheese. I ate pita chips and blueberries on the side and had a puffed rice roll for dessert!

I had such a great time running to and from the grocery store and walking around my neighborhood. I already liked my apartment, but I like it more now that I am actually living here. And I’m not even technically moved it yet! I actually won’t be for another week, since my lease starts on August 1. It’s okay though! I feel like I’m starting to settle in already 🙂

I hope you had a good Thursday!







Good night!

– Alessa

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