Goodbye California – a reflection on my summer

I’m waiting for the plane to take off in San Luis Obispo. It’s actually happening. I’m off to start my “real life.” The emotions are very mixed. I am so excited to move into my apartment, be a young professional starting my first full-time job, go grocery shopping for myself, meet new people, make new friends, hang out with my old Harvard friends, see my sister, run by the Charles River, and teach Zumba classes (if I am hired and it fits in with my work schedule). I really feel happy with what I will be doing in the pretty immediate future, but right now, if I’m being honest, I’m sad. I had done such a good job of keeping it together the last few days, but waiting in my seat in the exit row, I can’t help but let the tears run down my face.

Saying goodbye to friends is sad, but it’s always my family that makes me cry whenever I am leaving them/home. I love my parents so much (and my sister too, of course). Luckily, I get to see her in three days, but I won’t be seeing my parents for a while. They have always been my support system for everything I have done (whether it be academics, soccer, dancing, running, etc.). I know they only want the best for me and for me to be happy. I truly treasure all the time we spent together and it makes me sad that I won’t get to spend time like that again with them for at least five or six months. My mom was my gym partner in crime and my dad was my running buddy (until I got fitter, sorry daddy!!). We made delicious meals together and had many wonderful conversations at the dinner table. They drove me four hours so that I could get certified for Zumba and have listened to me talk about it for hours at a time. My parents have always believed in me and the goals I have set for myself. I know they will continue to believe in me and have my back from afar as they did through out college, but somehow this feels different because I don’t currently know the next time I’ll be back. I love you mommy and daddy.

Until this moment on the plane, I feel as though I spent these last few days really just trying to live in the moment and enjoy my time in California. Yesterday, I received the most beautiful necklace as a graduation/real world gift and it came with a beautiful message about opening the mind and staying in the moment. For most of today, I felt I did just that. I treated today just like every other day that I spent in SLO and have a very fun day!

For breakfast, I ate my usual cereal, but this time also ate part of an omelette that my mom had made for herself! It had goat cheese, kale, and avocado! Really delicious. Then I finished packing my carry on and backpack since I had plans the rest of the day and wouldn’t be returning home before my flight.20140723-212637-77197874.jpg


Once I finished the last of the packing, my mom dropped me off in Avila where I met Derek for one last run. We ran a three mile loop to the beach. Then I got ready to meet Danielle as the two of us had made lunch plans to go to Sunshine Cafe in Morro Bay. Per usual, I ordered the tempeh salad. Danielle ordered a sandwich and one spring roll. We also got a homemade peanut butter cup to share! We also tried this vegan honey that was made solely from apples (no bees!). It had the same consistency as honey. I really like honey, but this was also great! A perfect alternative for anyone vegan or anyone allergic to bees/bee pollen. Then we went to Jeremy’s house where we met up with Jeremy, Michael and Derek and listen to Jeremy and Derek play music! Afterwards, Danielle, Derek, and I went to Froggie’s ice cream shop (it was HOT out today!) and ordered ice cream/smoothies. I got ice cream 🙂 We played checkers (Danielle and I got destroyed even though we teamed up against Derek) and later dominoes (and my mommy came to play with us!). Soon enough, it was time for my last body combat class with my mom! I’m so happy I got to fit one class in before the long flight. It wasn’t easy saying goodbye to my friends, but I’ll be back and we will see each other soon enough!!







Once class ended, I quickly showered and my mom and I met up with my dad at the park to enjoy one last dinner together before my flight. We ate turkey sandwiches from the grocery store. We then made our way to the airport. I found out late last night that my flight had been changed. I am no longer flying direct to Boston from San Fran since the SLO flight to SF got canceled. Instead, I’m flying to LA and no longer flying direct to Boston from there. I was not too thrilled about having an extra stop, but then I found out I had been upgraded to first class for the red eye flight!! Everything has been forgiven 🙂 and I didn’t even need to pay for my second suitcase! This should hopefully be a smooth trip.


20140723-220419-79459289.jpgAs I sit here and think about my summer, I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. In the spring when I was thinking about my summer, I had ideas of traveling to Italy, Central America, going on a cruise, going to Vegas, etc. I love traveling and everyone always says that it’s what you should do after graduating from college. However, after thinking about it for a while, I realized what I needed to do for myself. And that was not traveling. I realized that I really wanted time to take care of myself and really rejuvenate after an intense four years of college which occurred immediately after an intense four years of high school. While traveling is fun and such an amazing experience, it’s not the same as taking time for yourself at home. I do admit I was a little envious of my friends and sister exploring new cities, but I knew I had made the right decision for myself. Instead, I allowed myself to explore and discover/re-discover new hobbies of mine, including jewelry making, Zumba, blogging, and running. I really took time this summer to do things that make me happy and I am so grateful I did that for myself. In college, I would often get so caught up in everything going on around me with the extracurriculars, academics, and social events that I would not remember to check in with myself. This is not to say I wasn’t happy with everything I was doing in college, but it was such a different environment that sometimes I forgot to slow down and breathe. Here in California, I took that time to breathe and now feel refreshed mentally, more confident in myself, and ready for this next chapter in my life.

See you in a few Boston!!


4 thoughts on “Goodbye California – a reflection on my summer

  1. Alessa Hi, I’m your mommy cousin, from Guatemala. I met you when you were a little, you had year and a half or something like that, and your mommy was with your little sister in the belly; and I remember much your divine dress with lilac flowers, and a lot barney!!  but your face is as now, has not changed at all 🙂 Now I identify with that stage of your mommy, because I just spent with my girls; I see my grown daughter (who is 4 years old) reminds me a lot to you, brunette with big dark eyes.
    Nothing like moving to another stage, from one moment to another when already pass the adaptation, will be the best of your life. I always return to where my parents to go back to my Center, to return home, to the place where they live, it makes me take a deep breath and continue, we must take advantage while you can. Kisses, if you are traveling to Central America, I receive you here. 🙂
    I love to read your blog. Besitos


    • Hi Mari!! It is so wonderful to hear from you and I’m happy to know that you love to read my blog 🙂 I still love purple (like I did when I was little and loved wearing purple dresses and watching Barney!). Me da mucho gustó saber de que tu hija mayor te recuerda de mi. Si, estoy acuerdo contigo de que pasar tiempo con los papis ayuda a tomar un descanso y respirar un poco! Me gustaría mucho visitarte y toda la familia allá en Guatemala. Espero que podrá ir uno de estos años!! Besos y Abrazos.


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