Beach and packing

These last two days went by pretty fast! I can’t believe I only have the day tomorrow before I fly out. I spent the majority of the day yesterday running, hiking, and enjoying the beach at Montaña de Oro. But first I went to Zumba! It was my last class teaching with Denise. I had a blast and went to coffee afterwards with my mom, our good friend Donna, and Denise. Then my mom and I made our way home where I finally ate breakfast (it was almost noon!). Per usual, I had cereal and almond milk. I am into this habit now where I like to combine my cereals. It gives the ultimate taste lol. 🙂
Also, I am not sure if you have noticed yet in the picture, but there seems to be a trend in my choice of milk and cereal. I love almonds 🙂

After breakfast, I got ready for my run/hike/beach day. I met Derek in Avila where we finished packing and put together some snacks. Actually, Derek did that as I got distracted by a really cute pink nail polish and decided to paint my nails there and then. They needed to look nice for work next week! Eventually, my nails dried and we left for Montaña de Oro. We stopped by Gus’s on the way to buy some sandwiches for lunch. Our plan was to first go on a run and leave everything in the car and then come back, gather our food and towels, and hike to the beach. Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I didn’t bring my phone with me on my run! 😦 I left my running belt and didn’t want to carry my phone in my hand so I left it in the car. I was disappointed that I left it later on though because we ran a fast pace (It was my first run since the half-marathon and I think my legs were excited to be running again! And the caffeine from the coffee probably added to that excitement), and the views were gorgeous! After the run, we gathered our things and hiked out to the beach! We ate our sandwiches and relaxed on the beach all afternoon! We even went swimming in the ocean and it felt so nice because it was really hot out and there was no shade anywhere near the shore.








On our way back from Los Osos, we stopped at New Frontier’s to get something to drink because we were so thirsty! I got this delicious ginger citrus drink. We also made cappuccinos later at Derek’s house with our dinner which was a hodgepodge of foods (chicken, figs, rice, and cous cous). We also had homemade banana bread for dessert!

Today was not quite as exciting as a beach day, but it was still a fun day. I spent all morning packing (with wonderful help from my mommy :)). I have two suitcases all ready to go (and at 49 pounds each!). I still have to pack up my carry-on but I will finish that tomorrow. For breakfast, I had the same two cereals as yesterday, but this time with a slice of banana bread.



Lunch today was one of my favorite recipes– Chicken Avocado Salad. I’ve always liked chicken salad, but I really really dislike mayonnaise. Therefore, whenever I eat chicken salad I’m always trying to get rid of the mayo with a napkin or trying to just pick out the chicken because I feel like there is just WAY too much mayo. But this chicken salad is different because there is no mayonnaise at all! Instead, we use avocado, my favorite!!!! 🙂 🙂 All you do is take sliced chicken breasts and cut the chicken up into really small pieces, chop red onion, bell pepper, cilantro and add it all to the chicken. Then cut up an avocado, mash it up a bit, add it to the chicken, and then mix it all up! Add your spices and it’s ready to be eaten! Today, we put it on top of a bed of arugula and ate it with pita crackers and multigrain chips. It was delicious 🙂 Later that afternoon, I got hungry again and ate a snack of nuts and banana bread.




I taught my last Zumba class today at Equilibrium with Kitty. We had a fairly full class today! I started us off by teaching the first 6 songs and then danced on stage with Kitty the rest of the class. I am going to miss everyone at the gym (especially Kitty, Denise, and Donna!!).

Dinner tonight was another favorite of mine — Chicken Potstickers! We ate the potstickers with a side of roasted zucchini 🙂 Yummy yummy. The potstickers were mixed with carrots, cabbage, and onions. I can’t wait to cook this for myself when I start working! We ate cherries and a mini soy vanilla ice cream sandwich for dessert!


I’m meeting up with a few friends soon from SLO to say my goodbyes! Wow, I really am leaving again. It’s bittersweet. I am so excited to start my job and I’m looking forward to the changes that come with it, but that also means leaving my parents and SLO and everything good that comes with being here (which is basically everything– the food, beach, weather, wine, friends, gym, hiking, etc.). I’ve had the best summer I probably could have asked for and I can’t wait for my new adventures back in Boston!!

It’s likely that my next post I’ll be writing during my layover tomorrow, so I am going to say this is probably the last post I write from SLO town!! Good night!!

~ Alessa

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