My last weekend in SLO

I didn’t get around to posting yesterday’s adventures because I was waiting on a couple pictures we took on a GoPro!! Yesterday, I took a day off from running and the gym, but I remained active and spent some good quality time at a couple beaches. In the morning, my parents and I went biking to the Pismo Pier and visited a couple of caves. It was the perfect morning to go biking outside as it was sunny but not too hot, and it was low tide. We had such a good time 🙂 And I still felt that I got a good lower body workout.







Once we returned, we made lunch, more like brunch. I made myself a beet goat cheese salad with candied walnuts and sweet & spicy pecans. I also had my dad’s salsa with multigrain chips. It was sort of an interesting combination but I was in the mood for two very different things.

Soon after lunch, I went kayaking with Kiele, her boyfriend, and her sister. We went to shell beach and rented out single kayaks. I had only ever kayaked in Morro Bay in double kayaks. I really enjoyed myself! It was quite the arm work out though because we had to paddle through a lot (and I mean A LOT) of kelp!! We saw quite a few sea lions (both adult and baby) and also saw a bunch of different birds. I had one scary instance where some waves came crashing and I was near a lot of rocks and thought I was going to flip. Luckily nothing bad happened though 🙂


After kayaking, we stopped by Avila Valley Barn and spent time looking at the farm animals and the food/produce they sell there. I bought some honey sticks and some delicious honey toffee as a treat later on. A few hours later, I went to a barbecue at my friend’s house (Michael). We ate a delicious meal of tri-tip and chicken, along with salad and garlic bread. For dessert, we had a delicious salted caramel brownie with ice cream. What a delight! We also witnessed the most beautiful sunset over Avila. I couldn’t believe how vivid the colors were in the sky!!

(pictures from lunch and dinner).









This morning, my mom and I went to my last Sunday Body Combat class. Afterwards, we got ready at the gym as we were going back to Tally Farms to enjoy music and have a picnic with friends. Today, there was a rock band playing. We stayed there all afternoon and had a wonderful time! There was a lot of great food ranging from turkey sandwiches, fruit salad, and nuts to gluten-free brownies and wine. We had great company as Kitty, Donna and her family, Tonya, and Derek all joined us at Tally. The perfect Sunday afternoon! Kitty brought me an order of Zumba instructor business cards that she made for me that arrived yesterday at her house! They turned out really well!! I love the design 🙂 Thank you Kitty!!









We ate dinner back at home and ate a wonderful meal of pollo asado, salsa, a rice medley, and corn on the cob. My mom also made great appetizers of cucumber, goat cheese and pita crackers, and kiwi! Since today is National Ice Cream day, we had vanilla soy ice cream sandwiches for dessert.
Tomorrow morning I am going to my last Zumba class with Denise. I can’t believe I only have a couple more days left in SLO. I have truly enjoyed my time here and will definitely miss this California summer.








~ Alessa

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