Wine Tasting and Great Company

Hello! The last two days have been full of fun with friends that I have not had much time to write! I am hoping to write two seperate posts for each day and post them both tonight (this is Friday’s post).

My morning started off with one of my favorite activities, Zumba, of course! The Friday class had a theme that day and it was the color purple ๐Ÿ™‚ Kitty knows that purple is my favorite color and since that was my last Friday class in SLO, she decided to make the theme purple just for me. It was very sweet. She also posted it on FB so that other students would know the theme! Denise and Kitty and I all split up the class and we had a really fun time ๐Ÿ™‚

Afterwards, my mom and I went downtown and ran a few errands. I also ate breakfast during this time. I had eaten a plum before class, and afterwards I ate some cantaloupe and had a chocolate protein shake. Once we were done downtown, my mom dropped me off at Danielle’s house because Danielle’s dad was going to take Kiele, Danielle, and I wine tasting! Prior to leaving the house, we had lunch (sandwiches from Gus’). I had a turkey sandwich with smoked turkey, cheddar, sprouts, tomato, guacamole, and cucumber. It was so yummy. Then we headed out! We went to three different vineyards in a span of three hours. We all had such a wonderful time tasting the different wines and learning more about each of them. I think I am starting to figure out the differences between wines and which ones I like! I had a pino gri (different from pino grigio) and really enjoyed it. I also now like most pino noir wines (though I do prefer some varieties over others). We also tried a couple of dessert wines which were delicious! We were so happy that we had been able to fit this in while the three of us were in town and we were very grateful that Danielle’s dad took us ๐Ÿ™‚ He is a member at a couple of wineries and thus had a lot of good insight on the wines we tasted. We all really enjoyed ourselves and had a ton of fun hanging out!!






















My mom met me at Danielle’s house and then dropped me off in Avila where I was meeting Derek to go to the Fish Market right in Avila Beach. I had never been before so we went to enjoy the sun and see all the great food and drink. However, we didn’t eat there because our families were getting together at Derek’s house for dinner. So we waited to eat until we got back to his house. There were a variety of choices of hors d’oeuvres ranging from nuts and delightful cheeses to bacon wrapped figs and my dad’s famous salsa. For dinner, we had tri-tip, rosemary potatoes, vegetables, and salsa. For dessert, my parents brought homemade strawberry sorbet. We have a homemade ice cream maker and so we all took turn churning until the sorbet was stiff enough. We topped the sorbet with a little bit of whipped cream! Everything was absolutely delicious and we all had a very enjoyable evening ๐Ÿ™‚ We were actually enjoying ourselves so much that my parents didn’t even notice how late it had gotten. It was past 1 am by the time we left for home. I, now, and my parents, especially, don’t stay up that late but I guess time really does fly when you are having a good time!!














I hope you all had a fun Friday as well!!


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