Refreshed and Rejuvenated

This morning I am finally feeling “fresh as a lettuce,” as my dad likes to say. Yesterday, I was still in a lot of leg pain. It was mostly in my quads and the worst part was still going from sitting to standing, but going down the stairs also came in at a close second. I had the overambitious idea that I would be able to help teach Zumba yesterday afternoon, but I later realized that I actually needed to recuperate. I have a hard time declining fun activities like Zumba, but this time I knew it would be best for me if I listened to my body. It’s really important to know when to lisen to your body. There’s a big difference between pushing yourself during a workout when you are feeling sore and/or in a little pain, and feeling like you hurt yourself (or ran an intense race!). Even though I didn’t “workout” per say, I did go on a couple of walks (the first on the beach and the second around downtown SLO). I relaxed a lot yesterday, hanging out with my friends, Danielle and Derek. I also went to the movies! I hadn’t been in a few months and I saw the movie Chef. It was a such a great “feel good” movie! I loved everything about it. The actors were fantastic and the storyline entertaining. I also really enjoyed the music and incorporation of social media in the movie. It was only fitting to go watch a movie that I felt I really related to (cooking, blogging, twitter, and social media in general). Basically, this movie was fantastic and everyone should see it! My only warning is to not go on an empty stomach because the food in it WILL (I guarantee you) make you hungry, even if you normally don’t like that type of food. I don’t eat pork, but seeing the tender meat still made me hungry!

Speaking of food, these were my meals yesterday:

Breakfast: I fixed up a fruit salad with a white nectarine, banana, pear, watermelon, cherries, blueberries, and a splash of tangerine juice. I also had some non-fat plain Greek yogurt with chia seeds, Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal, and a small dollop of honey.

Lunch: I cooked fish for the first time completely on my own! I prepared the fish with some olive oil in the pan and then adding white wine, garlic, herbs and spices, salt & pepper. It turned out delicious and I’m not just saying that! I also made quinoa and a kale salad with pistachios, carrots, avocado, fig balsamic vinegar and olive oil.



Dinner: A yummy dinner consisting of tomato and roasted red bell pepper soup, spinach pasta, and bean and basil salad! I also had an espresso with a dulce de leche cookie for a mini dessert. After the movie, I got an ice cream to share from Doc Bernsteins of half Honey Almond and half Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Doc Bernsteins is a local ice cream shop. The orginal shop is located in Arroyo Grande, but they just opened a new shop in San Luis Obispo! I hadn’t been yet, and wasn’t sure if I would be downtown again before I left for Boston, so I figured I better go now (or then) haha. It was a treat! And a splurge 🙂





Now I’m off to enjoy my day! Happy Wednesday!

~ Alessa

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