My own domain (and no more leg pain!)

I finally bought my own domain! My blog is now! I’m pretty excited about it. As I mentioned this morning, I woke up feeling a lot less sore!! This meant I was cleared to go to my gym classes this afternoon 🙂 I spent most of the day at home hanging out with my mom. We both ate breakfast fairly early. I opted for applesauce with Kashi Heart to Heart cereal. Then, we both did some work on the computer (answering important emails, making phone calls, etc.). Around 11:15 am, my mom made us a snack of bread with peanut butter. Call it an early mini lunch!


We also went on an afternoon bike ride to shake out our legs. It was very much a leisurely ride, but was a lot of fun! We have this bike that looks like a motorcycle and my mom loves to ride it because it’s low to the ground and also reminds her of her adolescence when she used to ride my grandpa’s motorcycle.

We fixed up lunch after returning from the bike ride consisting of a kale small salad, bread and olive oil, and left over fruit salad. The kale salad was very simple today as I only used four ingredients (kale, carrots, candied walnuts, and balsamic glaze), but delicious! Sometimes simple is the way to go!




Today I went to both Body Pump and Body Combat. Since my legs were feeling a lot better today, I decided to go up weight (just a little bit) in body pump for the squats track. I felt the burn! I just discovered that the timing of my flight works out so that I can go to Body Combat one last time. When looking through my emails for my flight reservation, the first thought that came to mind was whether or not I’d still be able to attend the class. To say I was happy that I could make the class would be a little bit of an understatement 🙂 I really love Body Combat!

Tonight, I’m spending the night with two of my best friends (Kiele and Danielle) at Danielle’s house. We ate a delicious dinner consisting of corn on the cob, chicken, and garlic bread. We also had tomatoes and chips as an appetizer. For dessert, I ate a chocolate cupcake. I also drank a beer with my dinner. We might spend the evening learning a new Zumba routine (Kiele wants to help choreograph). I’m super pumped that Danielle and Kiele are coming to my afternoon Zumba class tomorrow!!






Good night!


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