Post-run play (and pain!!)

I had a wonderful rest of the day yesterday after the race. My family loves watching soccer and the timing worked out perfectly that my mom and I were able to have enough time to get those 10 min massages and change into clean clothing before the World Cup Final. We had bought day parking at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and decided just to stay there for the game and order lunch since they had multiple televisions and plenty of tables to sit at. We each ordered different meals. My dad got fish tacos, my mom chose a vegetarian wrap, and I ordered a pesto chicken sandwich. We also ordered a side of raw vegetables and hummus. The sandwich was made with focaccia bread and inside had some caesar salad, a chicken breast, and pesto! My meal also came with homemade potato chips on the side. Prior to the meal, I also ate half of a power bar and half an apple. My body needed fuel to recover from all the calories that I burned during the race!






Once the game ended, we started making our way home. I took a nap in the car until we stopped in Los Alamos (my second time this week!). We decided to go to this restaurant called Full of Life Flatbread. We had heard great things about this place and decided we should try it out. In addition to being a restaurant, it is also a factory. Every Monday and Tuesday, the restaurant closes so that workers can spend all day making flatbreads to be sold as frozen pizzas in Whole Foods on the West Coast! I’m sure they are just as good cooked at home as they are at the restaurant 🙂 Full of Life Flatbread is such a cute place with a wonderful indoor seating area as well as outdoor seating area. Inside had great ambience but we wanted to enjoy the sun outside and opted for the outdoor seating with a wonderful view of the restaurant’s garden. I had plans to eat a second dinner back in Avila, so we ordered a soup and a flatbread pizza to share (making it more of an appetizer). The soup was a cold tomatillo soup with avocado, cilantro, opal basil, peppers, and delicious spices. We loved it! We ordered the sun-dried tomato and mushroom flatbread which we also truly enjoyed. The bread has the perfect thickness of crust (not too thick, but still soft) and the ingredients tasted fresh and had a wonderful flavor to them! Also, the customer service was great. I can’t wait to go back! Something that I thought was unique about the restaurant was the way they give the check.They put the receipt in a book 🙂 How cute is that?!











My mom and I had really been wanting to show my dad Global Gardens, so we went there to get some olive oil ice cream! Like the other day, it was delicious! We actually got there 20 min after it closed, but Anita and her sister, Sunita (who I just met yesterday), were there and were kind enough to let us in and sell us dessert. We enjoyed it in the backyard again! I can’t get enough of Caliterranean food 🙂


I took another short nap on the way home. Then I showered and got ready to go my second dinner at Derek’s house. His mom prepared a meal that was also delicious! We had a homemade rotisserie chicken that was prepared really well and full and flavor. The side dishes consisted of Israeli Cous Cous with mushrooms, carrots, and onions, an avocado, red onion, and tomato salad (the tomatoes fresh from the backyard!), and an arugula salad with almonds, figs, feta cheese, and pear! Everything was great! I could have eaten seconds maybe (because the food was so good) if I hadn’t already eaten food but I still enjoyed everything! Right before dinner, I watched the sunset and took this beautiful picture of Avila.






Despite my walking around a bit in the afternoon, my legs were in quite a bit of pain (I still feel it!!!). Looking back on my week, I realize I didn’t take it quite as easy as I had planned to. I taught Zumba on Monday, ran and taught Zumba on Tuesday, did Body Combat on Wednesday, taught two Zumba classes, and took Meli’s insane 90 min Zumba master class on Friday. So much for taking it easy!! Going into the race, I did not feel super fresh but I thought my taking two Advil would help ease the minor pain I was already feeling. I can say with certainty the Advil did not help at all. Even so, I’m still happy with how I did. I hope this pain and soreness leaves me soon! I’m heading to teach Zumba this morning. I’m planning on teaching with my many modifications (low impact moves) because I do not have it in me to move around like I usually do!!

Happy Monday morning!

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