On the road to recovery (from running)

Today was definitely a low key day, except for the Zumba class I co-taught this morning. I taught seven routines this morning, but was on stage with Denise the entire class. I warned my students today that I was very sore from a half-marathon and I asked them to bring the extra energy, since I felt I was lacking! And they did! I had a wonderful time this morning and was surprised that my legs even moved at all. It was probably my body trying to remove all the lactic acid from my legs! It was also great because I feel so comfortable with these seven routines now (four of which I learned last Monday afternoon). I find it incredible how in less than a week, I went from being comfortable teaching three songs to very comfortable teaching seven!

For breakfast, I ate cereal (surprise, surprise). But this time, I changed it up a bit! I decided instead of drinking almond milk, I’d use a chocolate protein shake as the milk for my cereal. It reminded me of my childhood when my parents would on very special occasions buy chocolate milk and I’d pour it on some cheerios. It was a filling and satisfying breakfast!


I spent the rest of the morning relaxing in my room, as I was not feeling up to doing much else around the house. I was semi-productive though…I made myself an Instagram for this blog 🙂 My username is the same as my twitter handle: lesworksout. A few hours later, I realized it was past 1 pm and I was ready for lunch. I made brown rice pasta and drizzled olive oil on top and added black pepper, salt, red pepper flakes, and baby heirloom tomatoes. With my meal, I drank a glass of strawberry lemonade. The rest of the afternoon, I helped Derek fix up his resume (he is looking for a job abroad), and a few hours later we had company over! Celine, who was my boss at a biotech I worked for in high school, and her daughter came over to spend time with us. I had seen Celine when I first came into town because she picked me up at the airport, but hadn’t seen her since! We had a good time socializing and catching up. We also had a snack consisting of blueberries and multigrain quinoa and brown rice chips. After they left, I fixed up a light cocktail (St. Germaine) because Derek had never had it before, and he really liked it! Then we went to the beach. In California every day is pretty much a beach day. Ironically, it had started to drizzle just as we were leaving the house, but stopped soon after. I was shocked that my legs were moving again. The worst pain for me (regarding my sore legs) is standing up after having been seated. It’s still so painful!! When we got back, it was time for Derek to leave, as he had dinner plans back at home.







My family for dinner ate a delicious chicken dish, consisting of chicken, onions, heirloom tomatoes and kale. We also ate a slice of bread with Olive Oil (brought to us from one of my best friend’s, Jackie, and her dad), fig balsamic vinegar, black pepper, and red pepper flakes. For dessert, we ate watermelon. Water on the side!!




Overall a restful day! I wonder how my legs will feel in the morning…I hope I feel an improvement!!

Good night!


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