Shoreline Half-Marathon!

Since I have been talking about my race for a long time, I thought it made sense to dedicate an entire post talking about my experience. Currently, I’m sitting at a restaurant in the Crowne Plaza Hotel during half-time of the Argentina vs. Germany game (obviously rooting for Argentina because who doesn’t love Messi) still recovering from the 13.1 miles that I finished running a few hours before.

This is a picture my mom and I took post-race! As I mentioned yesterday, I got up very early this morning (before 5 am) to quickly get ready. The race started promptly at 8 am and we still needed to pick up our bibs prior to the start of the race. We left the house slightly after 5 am (which was later than we had hoped to leave). The drive took us around 2 hours, but we had no problems finding parking. My parents and I were all supposed to run the half, but unfortunately, my dad got sick earlier this week and was still not feeling well (he is also on antibiotics), so he emailed the director of the race to see if he could defer his entry to a future race. We were told it was possible (and it was mentioned on the website). I can’t wait for him to run his first half-marathon within the coming months!

The race was in Ventura along the boardwalk and went around in two big loops.

I had studied the course prior to the race, but my mom and I looked over it again while waiting in line for our bibs.


The race was fun but exhausting! I started out very fast (faster than I had been training these last weeks) at 7:05 min per mile. I slowed down a fair amount for mile 2, running a 7:40 minute mile. After that I maintained that pace as best as I could, but I started to slow down more and more starting at mile 7 and more noticeably at mile 8. This was partly due to a very uncomfortable pain I was feeling on the bottom of my right foot as well as moderate pain in my quad (I started to feel this pretty early on). This morning was also very hot out for a long run, in the mid 70’s. While I had some long runs a couple weeks ago in the heat (some with hotter temperature), I hadn’t ever run as fast I set out the first couple miles of the race. Not only was the race tough physically, but mentally as well. For my previous half-marathon last October, I ran with my friend, Sarah, from Harvard. We kept each other strong because we both felt fresh at different parts of the race and helped each other push through. This time I was on my own. I ran with a couple different people along the way but either left them behind or couldn’t stay with them. Definitely not the same as running with a friend! There were plenty of times this race when I felt like I might not make it because I was hurting so much. Due to the pain in my foot, I started stopping starting at mile 9 at each of the water stations and walking (while drinking water and/or Gatorade and eating energy chews) for short bit in a weak attempt to recover. I didn’t stop at all the last race I ran, but hey, I did what I had to do this race to finish. And my time wasn’t bad given the circumstances!! Unfortunately, I didn’t set a personal record (I needed to get under 1:40:40). Today I ran a 1:43:49, about 3 minutes slower. Still though, I placed 4th in my age group (19-29 years old). I’m very happy to be done and satisfied with my performance. Next time I’ll try again to beat my goal of 1 hour and 40 minutes!

Once I finished the race, I attempted to stretch and eat oranges and bananas. I also got in line for a 10 minute massage that the event provided for all the runners. The massage felt amazing but I felt like I needed a 3 hour massage to feel back to normal! My legs still hurt haha.






My mom also ran a great race! She beat the goal I had set for her (based on the times she ran during her training) of 2 hours and 30 minutes. She ran a 2:16:55 and placed 35th in her age group! I am so incredibly proud of her 🙂



For breakfast I shared two bars with my mom 🙂


This was the gorgeous view of Ventura beach this morning 🙂 I had the opportunity to run past the pier 4 times during the race!

I’m hoping to post again later today with my lunch and dinner 🙂 There’s a very good chance I will fall asleep pretty early tonight. If so, expect that post from me tomorrow morning!

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!


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