Halfway There

I taught an entire half of a Zumba class this afternoon! I did 7 routines using the microphone today. I had a lot of fun. The students were great and forgiving when I had a couple slip ups in one of the songs, but hey, I’m still not even two weeks old in the Zumba Certification world 🙂 This morning I also taught 4 routines plus a cool down. My cool down is to Rude by MAGIC! which is one of my latest favorite songs. Currently, my warm up song is a remix of Am I Wrong by ENVY. I also just recently re-discovered Changing Me by Bobby Green. I knew I had heard the song before, but it wasn’t until Danielle played it for me at her house that I learned the name and artist of the song. I’d love to incorporate this song (maybe a remix?? Or not) into my Zumba playlist. I’m sure I can come up with a high intensity cardio routine for the song. Today, I taught one particular routine for the first time and it seemed to be a big hit in my class! I was happy because that was entirely my own choreography. The routine was to All The Way by Timeflies. While Zumba primarily uses Latin based music (which I love by the way. The songs are so upbeat! Also, I am a sucker for any Spanish song), I enjoy adding in some pop songs to spice up the playlist a bit. As a student I loved having different types of music during my Zumba classes, so now I am trying to incorporate the aspects of classes that I’ve really enjoyed into my own class. I might be posting a video from tonight on my Facebook page so stay tuned!

Today I ate very good meals that were not that difficult to prepare. My breakfast was pretty simple, coffee and a nectarine before Zumba, and egg whites with green salsa and Parmesan cheese, and some sweet and spicy pecans on the side. 20140710-212349-77029670.jpg


My lunch consisted of a quinoa and arugula salad. The quinoa was already mixed into a salad of it’s own with Cuban style black beans, corn, grape tomatoes, chiles, cilantro, and green onions. I just put a cup of that salad on top of a bed of arugula, added some fresh mozzarella, balsamic glaze, and avocado. I also ate corn on the cob with lemon and salt, a nectarine, and a few nuts.




My mom and I decided to go to Costco to put gas in the car and also get a couple of groceries right after our second Zumba class. Man, I was so hungry that I told my mom we needed to get a snack to eat on our way home (by the time we waited in line at the gas station, made a return, and went shopping, it had been an hour since our Zumba class had ended). No wonder I was hungry!! We bought these great almost trail mix- but clusters from 180 snacks (the whole back is actually around 188 calories FYI). We both ate the blueberry pomegranate kind. Highly recommended! This snack held me over for a bit and allowed me to shower and get ready for dinner.


Dinner tonight was also fairly simple. Two slices of sprout wheat bread with artichoke dip from Trader Joes and Parmesan cheese on top (placed in the oven to melt the cheese), an heirloom tomato and avocado salad, and watermelon. I’m very satisfied 🙂




Question of the day: do you have any suggestions for songs I should choreograph to? Leave your suggestions in a comment below! 🙂

Good night!


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