Dance Party

Some people might say that learning four new routines in one afternoon is intense. And it might be a little, but I am really dedicated to the idea of mastering an entire playlist before leaving for Boston. So I have to get moving!! I spent the majority of the afternoon having a dance party that included me, my computer, and occasionally my mom when she would come in and watch me. Not the biggest of dance parties, but let me tell you there was a lot of dancing involved! I’m beat (pun intended). I’m planning on teaching these four songs I learned tomorrow afternoon with Kitty, in addition to the three I already know 🙂

I also went to Zumba this morning and co-taught with Denise! I taught my three songs that I’ve been teaching over the last week. Denise was so generous and let me stay up on stage the entire class with her to get a sense of what that’s like. I used the microphone again. I’m still getting used to it.

Let’s get to my food for the day! For breakfast I are a protein shake, a banana and an apple. I also had a fizzy ginger ale from Starbucks. I ate a very late lunch (circa 2 pm) and had half a a turkey wrap (consisting of Swiss cheese, turkey, tomato, honey Dijon mustard, a flour tortilla, romaine lettuce), and some spicy and sweet pecans.

For dinner, I ate one of my favorite meals that I haven’t had in a long time!! It was chicken made with onions, peppers, and beer 🙂 served over black rice. I’ll post the recipe soon! For dessert, I had strawberries and watermelon, and a few nuts. I also had a cup of high fiber cereal for snack with half of a banana.





Now I’m gonna finally relax and watch some tv before bed! Good night!

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