A three day weekend

Happy belated Fourth of July! I know it may seem like I have disappeared, but I promise I’m still here 🙂 Part of my problem the last couple days was that I kept forgetting to take photos and didn’t have any to put up!

Here’s a run down of my weekend and my eating:

I ran 7 miles with my friend, Derek, on Friday. It was one of my last longish runs I will do before the race! The first 3.5 miles were tough because they were basically all uphill! My elevation for the full run was over 1200 ft! That’s pretty hilly if you ask me. For lunch I had this delicious berry smoothie with raspberries, strawberries, V8 juice, banana, tangerine juice, mango, and blueberries. I was pretty hungry as I had only had half a protein shake right before my run. I also ate some turkey along with the smoothie as well as a nectarine. For dinner, I ate a quarter of a small cheese pizza, avocado with chicken, a basil pesto sausage and cantaloupe and strawberries. Kind of a random dinner as I ate it all in small courses. As it was 4th of July, I decided to be social in the evening and go downtown with friends to a bar. It was fun hanging out and drinking with friends (especially ones that I hadn’t seen in a while!).

Saturday, I spent most of my day in Morro Bay/Los Osos. I ate a large apple for breakfast and then had to get going as my family and I had plans to go on a walk in Morro Bay with friends. It ended up being a 6 mile walk that ended much later than we thought it would (2:30 pm)!! Boy, were we all hungry. I was soo hungry. The walk was gorgeous though. There was a nice breeze and it was quite sunny.20140706-225930-82770372.jpg


For lunch, we went to one of my favorite places in Morro Bay called Shine Cafe (also Sunshine Cafe). It’s a vegan place. I’m not a vegan but I really do appreciate their food. I definitely don’t feel as though I am missing any meat or dairy! I ordered my favorite meal on the menu, a large Tempeh Salad and a Yerba Mate. It was INCREDIBLE. And not just because I was hungry.



For dinner, I had salmon, onions, mushrooms, and quinoa. Another really great meal!

Today was another really wonderful day! My mom and I worked out in the morning and then went to pick up sandwiches from High Street Deli (twice in one week)! I basically ordered the same sandwich I got on Monday (turkey on sourdough with avocado, tomato, red onion, romaine). And this time I remembered to take a photo!



We ate lunch at Tally Winery where there was a lovely concert going on. We bought a bottle of wine and later my friend (Danielle) and I decided to do a wine tasting. So much fun! Later we went to another concert by the talented Cheyenne McDonald. It was a lot of fun 🙂 Danielle and I enjoyed a beer and shared a margherita flatbread. For dinner, we ate rice pilaf with a variety of vegetable and spinach chicken sausage. Grapes for dessert!!





Tomorrow morning, one of my Zumba mentors, Denise, is letting me teach a couple of songs and dance up on stage with her the entire class 🙂 I’m excited! Should be a ton of fun.

Question of the day: what was your favorite part of the weekend?

Good night!


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