One (big) step at a time

Hello everyone! 

Today was another pretty big day for me in the Zumba world. I went to two different Zumba classes today (one in the morning and in the afternoon)! The first class was an hour long and I taught one routine and helped the instructor (Kitty) lead another. During the second class, I led a new routine (my first time teaching that one!) and led a second routine with Kitty. I used a MICROPHONE for both of my afternoon songs!! AH! It was super fun though 🙂 

After the morning class, my mom and I went to coffee with Kitty and Denise. Denise was Kitty’s mentor when Kitty first started out with Zumba and now Kitty teaches her own classes. The two of them also co-teach classes together a few times a week! Both of them are absolutely wonderful and it’s super fun when they co-teach because they each have different styles so you get an even greater mix of songs and routines throughout the entire class. They, like Meli, have been so supportive of me and offered to have me teach a few songs at each of their classes until I leave for Boston! I feel so lucky to have such good instructors who want to take the time to mentor me and get me all squared away. I received such valuable advice from them during our coffee chat and can’t wait to continue to learn more from them in the coming weeks. 

Check out the routines I did today at Zumba With Alessa!! 

Regarding my meals for today, I ate High Fiber Joe’s O’s with Almond Milk and blueberries (sorry no photo). I also drank water and tea! After class, I had a medium black ice coffee from Starbucks and a protein shake from Trader Joe’s. When my mom and I came home, we fixed up lunch. We decided we were in the mood for a salad. We used an arugula base and added apple, pistachios, smoked almonds, goat cheese, basil pesto chicken and turkey sausage, and balsamic glaze!! It was delicious. I drank tea on the side! 




For dinner, my family ate a very yummy soup. It’s the Tomato and Roasted Bell Pepper Soup from Trader Joe’s. We added the leftover soy meatballs from yesterday, kale, and parmesan cheese. SOO GOOD and SOO EASY to make!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite soup?



Woo I’m a little exhausted from all the dancing! Better rest up because tomorrow I’m due for my 7 miler.

Good night!


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