First class down!

Since getting my Zumba certification on Saturday, I’ve been practicing a couple of songs and mentally preparing to teach a routine, which I taught tonight! That was probably my favorite part of the entire day (as the USA soccer team unfortunately lost in overtime this afternoon), but I’ll talk more about that later!

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, I can’t get myself to sleep in. I think part of me likes getting up in the morning and hanging out with parents before my dad and/or mom goes to work, as I managed to get myself out of bed before 7 am (and I didn’t go to bed early last night!). While I thought about going back to lay in bed for another hour, I ultimately decided against it and ventured into the kitchen where I made myself a full pot of Jasmine green tea and ate a bowl of cereal (Trader Joe’s O’s and a cup of almond milk). Before I knew it, it was time for me to head to the dentist, where I learned that I had no cavities! Always great news, am I right?! 🙂

Afterwards, I headed to Danielle’s house (Danielle is one of my best friends since basically forever) where we watched most of the Argentina vs. Switzerland game and I also practiced teaching her my routine. Then we headed to Eureka Burger in downtown San Luis Obispo. We thought the USA game started at noon, so we got there around 11:30 am but then realized the game was actually at 1 pm. We ended up just hanging out watching the USA pre-game and ordering drinks and food. Danielle and I each ordered a beer sampler. My four samples included See Canyon Hard Cider from San Luis Obispo, Pranqster from Noah Coast Brewery in Fort Bragg, Ruination from Stone Brewery in Escondido, and Hazelnut Brown from Rogue Ales in Newport. I really enjoyed all of mine! We also ordered food. I got a Santa Barbara Kale Salad with chicken and a plate of fries (yeahh super healthy haha). We ended up spending over four hours at the restaurant and through out the game I got two other drinks (a very smooth Tequila shot, and a cider). Once the game ended (SO DISAPPOINTING), we walked around downtown and did a little shopping and then we got a ride home from Derek (who had also watched the game with us at Eureka), and I got ready to go to ZUMBA!! While at Eureka Burger, I realized that I needed to reverse the routine so that each new move first started on my left leg so that the students in the class would be using their right leg (the teacher is the mirror). So when Danielle and I got back, I practiced reversing it and made sure I had my cues down before leaving for the gym!

IMG_9777IMG_3577 IMG_5299 IMG_7556




To say I was excited to teach my song would be an understatement. Haha. I’ve been looking forward to this since Saturday. Meli (my Zumba instructor) could tell, so she had me help lead a dance with her even before my song was up on the playlist. Eventually, it was my turn to take the stage all on my own! I taught the class a routine to the song Pégate by Grupo Treo (one of my favorite songs!!). I had a blast up there and it seemed like the class enjoyed it as well as I got great positive feedback! Towards the end of class, Meli brought me up one last time to help lead another one (one that I didn’t know too well, but I figured it out!!)

Check out the videos on my Facebook page!

Question of the day: what is your favorite zumba/workout song?





Here’s a photo of Meli and I and also another one of me with friends 🙂



I didn’t help at all with dinner tonight. My mommy made it since she spent part of her day at home. So nice!! We had chicken potstickers with cabbage, carrots, and onions. We also put avocado on top. For dessert, I had a bowl of watermelon and then a couple pieces of dark chocolate covered hazelnuts. What a delicious meal!



Have a great evening/night!


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