Double Header

Happy Monday! Today was unexpectedly a big day for me in the exercise department as I basically started and ended my day with a workout. I met up with my friend, Derek, in the morning to go on a run in Poly Canyon at Cal Poly. For some reason, I was under the impression we were going to run 4-5 miles, even though we hadn’t actually ever talked about how far we were going to run. In my mind, I had figured we would do something shorter and he would push me to run a faster time than I would on my own. I haven’t done too many fast runs during my training and I want to get at least a couple in before my race! However, we ended up deciding to run the entire Poly Canyon, which ended being a little short of 9 miles. In the beginning, my legs felt super heavy and I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it. But once I survived a series of hills, my legs finally warmed up to the idea of a long run and I felt okay. We ended the run near the Cal Poly Track as you can see in the picture below. The mountains in the background is basically where the canyon is!


After my run, I fueled myself on a protein shake and some Trader Joe’s O’s. It was also past 12 pm so we figured we would also go get some lunch to eat and then head back to Avila to meet up with a couple other friends and watch the World Cup. Before heading to Avila, we decided to go to one of my favorite places called High Street Deli. I bought myself a delicious sandwich with smoked turkey, cheddar, homemade pesto, tomato, romaine lettuce, red onions, dijon mustard, and avocado on sliced sourdough. The sandwich was incredible! I was also so excited to eat it that I completely forgot to take a photo 😦 Oh well. I borrowed a couple photos from their website though that show a very similar sandwich to the one that I ate. I also bough a Yerba Mate Citrus drink that had a little caffeine as a thirst quencher and a pick-me-up. And of course, I drank lots of lots of ice cold water as it was really hot out!


High Street Deli Sandwich

By the time we got to Avila and finished eating, we realized that we had missed more than the first half of the Germany vs. Algeria game. So we decided to record the second half (and later also record the overtime) and while we waited for the game to finish, we just hung out outside and enjoyed the sun and views of Avila Beach. After getting a little sunburnt, we headed back inside. Derek made us all these delicious cappuccinos and we drank them while watching the game. I was rooting for Algeria because I like it when the underdogs win. However, I didn’t get to finish watching the game (and I heard that Algeria lost, which is too bad) because I had told one of my gym teachers yesterday (Kara) that I would attend her Body Attack this afternoon. Talk about a double header workout! Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through the class because of my long morning run, but I think the caffeine from the cappuccino really helped and the music and energy from the class is so great that it gave me a second wind!



Once my mom and I came home, it was time to shower and make dinner. We prepared a caprese salad (with tomato, basil, avocado, buffalo mozzarella, balsamic glaze, salt & pepper) and also used the leftovers from yesterday’s soup to make a thicker chicken stew. We also added in the quinoa we had from dinner yesterday for some additional grains. To go with the meal, I drank a glass of orange juice with some San Pellegrini. A simple, but filling and delicious dinner! For dessert, I had a few pieces chocolate (a mix of both milk and dark).





Tomorrow I’m planning on taking it easy and only going to Zumba in the afternoon. I need to make sure I’m prepared to teach my song tomorrow, so I’ll likely be listening to the music tonight and going through the choreography in my head.

Question of the day: What kinds of meals do you like to make with your leftovers?

Talk to you tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Double Header

    • Thank you so much! I find that it’s easier to stay motivated when I am doing workouts that I enjoy (for me that’s running and group exercise classes!) Group exercise classes such as Zumba and Les Mills Body Attack and Body Combat feel much more like a one giant party with friends than they do a workout. I just happen to sweat a lot, tire out my muscles, and feel wonderful/accomplished afterwards 🙂


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