Sunday Funday

I woke up early again this morning (although not as early as yesterday!) and spent about an hour or so looking at my Zumba materials and practicing a couple routines. Then my mom and I left for Body Combat (one of our favorite exercise classes!). It’s a cardio kickboxing class and the instructor (Shayla) is incredible. We love Body Combat because of the high intensity and energetic music. I was so proud of my mom because she had told me she wasn’t sure she would be able to do the class full-out because she ran her 12 miles yesterday. However, during the class I would look over and see her kicking and punching with all her might! She looked so great, I would have had no idea she ran 12 miles the day before. That’s the beauty of cross-training.

Once Body Combat was over, we came home and prepared lunch. I ate my breakfast while we prepared lunch haha because I was hungry and needed food after our workout! I ate a plum, a yellow saturn peach, half a glass of strawberry lemonade, and lots and lots of water!


For lunch, I made a chicken soup. I followed a recipe from a very good friend of mine. Check out the link! I also have it under the tab recipes, where I’ll be posting recipes of most of my meals. I modified the recipe a little bit, using a chicken asada from Trader Joe’s as well as chicken broth from TJ’s. I decided today I wanted rice in my soup so we added a brown rice medley (also from TJ’s). You’ll come to realize that I pretty much only eat groceries from Trader Joe’s. My family LOVES avocados and thus we garnished our soup with avocado as well as some white corn tortilla chips. And for dessert, we all shared two soy vanilla ice cream sandwiches! Yummy yummy.





While we were waiting for the soup to cook, I practiced teaching my mom a couple of Zumba dances. We also did another dance after lunch (once our food had digested)! After all that, I finally showered and then thought I’d do some more Zumba learning. However, I was trying to do all that in my bed and before I knew it, I was sound asleep! I woke up about two hours later feeling refreshed. It was 5:30 pm and that seemed like the perfect time to start thinking about dinner (lol). My mom and I had been talking about how we both really like the St. Germain cocktail (I introduced it to her about a month ago) and we thought it would be fun to get the ingredients to make it. So off we went to Trader Joe’s to pick up the ingredients along with other food for the week (typical). We bought the sparkling wine and sparkling water there, but Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry St. Germain, not that I was expecting them to (for those of you who were wondering). I called a local liquor store to see if they carried it (after trying a couple other places) and luckily they had it! Conveniently, the store was located right on our way home from Trader Joe’s. This was a pretty special occasion for my mom as it was the first time in her life that she had bought alcohol other than wine or beer (or Margarita mix). Haha, at least I thought it was exciting. When we got home, my mom started preparing the fish (Wild Caught Hake) and quinoa while I worked on the other parts of the meal (the salad and drinks). I made a variation of the Trader Joe’s version of Jess’s Super Salad, making my own vinaigrette and adding strawberries. I also used goat cheese instead of feta. According to my dad, the dinner was amazing! That means a lot coming from him because he has pretty high standards when it comes to food. He is a great cook himself (everyone in my family cooks), but I’ve been taking over since coming home (I’m trying to get in as much practice as I can before I start work!).







Now it’s time for me to relax before bed. My mom made us all chamomiille tea, and I’m sure I’ll also eat some dark chocolate for dessert! I think I may watch a couple episodes of TV tonight (either Law and Order SVU or Criminal minds).

Good night!


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