World Cup, Avila, and a Bonfire

Today was such a great day! Woke up early and went to a friend’s house to watch the USA vs. Germany game. The ending wasn’t what we were hoping for, but at least the USA team advanced to the next round!! The last couple minutes were probably the most exciting part!! I brought some jicama to munch on during the game. Full of fiber and antioxidants. Some people think jicama doesn’t have much flavor, but I really like it! A much better version of celery (since they are mostly both water). I also ate some Trader Joes O’s (the organic kind with fiber) and had a little bit of naan and hummus. Lot’s of fiber for breakfast today!!

Once the game was over, I headed to Avila beach to hang out with another friend. We got lunch at a Mexican place. I ordered a salad with chicken, guacamole, cheese, greens, salsa, and tortilla chips. We walked around the beach for a bit and people watched. There were so many people out there today!! It was the perfect day to go to the beach. I took my shoes off when I walked on the sand and boy it was really hot!! I thought I was going to burn the bottom of my feet. To cool off, we went and got frozen yogurt where I got peach and pink lemonade sorbet with some berries and a few gummies (including this delicious gummy frog). Sorry but no pics (I’m trying to get back into the habit).

We also had some coffee before I headed back into town to go to Zumba Toning. I needed some energy after having the sun beat down on me all afternoon. I absolutely love Zumba and the toning aspect is great because it really gives you a good upper body workout. I’m getting certified this weekend (finally) for Zumba. I’m pretty excited because it is something I have been meaning to do for a couple years and now I am actually doing it!

After a great (and intense) workout with my mom (we do Zumba together!!), we headed home. My dad made this delicious salsa for us and we had some left over food that we decided to eat for dinner tonight. I had some black rice (which is my new favorite rice partly because it looks purple, but also because it tastes great and is full of antioxidants), quinoa, carne asada, homemade guacamole and my dad’s salsa. I tried to load up a bit on the carbs tonight because I’m running 12 miles tomorrow!! It will be my last long run before the half-marathon.

Tonight, I’m getting together with some friends where we are having a bonfire and making s’mores. I’ll definitely be roasting a couple of marshmallows 🙂 My family made a bonfire a couple of weeks ago and it was a ton of fun. Below is a picture from last time!





Talk to you tomorrow!!


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