November is here!

Hello friends!

November is here and so am I! The past week has been pretty hectic so I just didn’t post. However, now that I have found myself back in a relaxing cafe, it seems like the perfect time to get back to writing.

I originally came to this cafe called Pavement in Boston to meet up with a friend. I biked there! It was pretty fun but also a little bit scary since it was already dark. This is my first time at the cafe and I love it! It’s super cute. We had a great meeting and afterwards I was so hungry that I got some food. It was delicious. Just finished the last bite! I ordered a salad that consisted of mesclun greens, honey, shredded beets, walnuts and cranberries. OMG YUM!! I will be coming back here at some point.

This morning I ran 8 miles along the river. It was a good run. This week I am feeling more tired than usual on my runs. I think all my training is finally starting to get to my body. I’ve never done this type of long distance training before so my body isn’t totally used to it yet. Not to mention I ran 13.1 miles on Monday (yes that’s a half marathon!) and 7.5 miles yesterday. Soo maybe I’m just tired from all that. Who knows. Lets hope I get adjusted soon 🙂

I have some reading I am gonna do here before biking back home. Wish me safe travels!

Have a good night!






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