Triple green

Good morning!!

I woke up at 7:30 to get my run in before class. Unfortunately, I had some malfunctions with my headphones that I didn’t realize until after starting my run. This was a little frustrating because I rely on an app called Run Keeper when I go on long runs. Today my workout was 2 miles slow, then twelve 400 m intervals running fast with 30 sec slow in between followed by one last mile at a slower pace. Without my headphones it was hard to hear when I needed to switch my pace not to mention in the beginning I kept stopping to try to fix my headphones before realizing it was a lost cause and taking them out. It was a bit of a bummer because I couldn’t run with music but it was good practice because I won’t be able to run with headphones during my race. It was kind of nice in a way. I only started running to music a few months ago and I love it but it felt kind a little refreshing to go back to my old way.

I ate a fairly green breakfast after my workout! I had three slices of honeydew melon, a pistachio muffin, and three egg whites. A theme of threes this morning! I also drank a glass of chocolate milk and a cup of coffee.



I am thinking about going to Crossfit and or yoga this afternoon. We’ll see if that happens!

Have a great day!


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