Long afternoon

Good evening!

I finally got back to my room after leaving it this morning for breakfast! For some reason class felt a lot longer than usual today. I am really not a fan of Tuesdays.

For lunch I had stuffed pizza (quattro formaggio), an apple, some sweet potato chips, and a chocolate muffin top. This was all eaten through my six hours of class.

Tonight, I didn’t have a salad for dinner! That’s (almost) a first! My dinner consisted of mushrooms, grilled chicken breast over some brown and wild rice, greens, and a little pasta. I couldn’t decide if I wanted pasta or rice so I just got a little of both. I also ate a couple of watermelon slices and pineapple.

I also went to a social with the The Leadership Institute at Harvard College (an organization on campus that I am in) and enjoyed good company and appetizers. I ate bread with hummus and nachos. Good evening snack!

I still feel really sore so I am not sure how this workout is going to go tomorrow haha. We will see!

Good night!


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