Apples on Apples (and other food as well)


Today is my day off from running and lifting which is great because my legs aren’t in any mood do any cardio/strength training. Yesterday afternoon I lifted at the MAC gym with some of the other students in the Crossfit club. On Monday’s we don’t go to the Crossfit gym. I have actually never been there yet! I am hoping to go tomorrow afternoon. We did squats and bench press. I don’t think I’d ever done max squats before yesterday because in soccer we only lifted to prevent injury. Boy do I feel it today! Also, last night the event that had been cancelled last week got rescheduled yay so I did a lot of swing dancing yesterday as well. It was a good time!!

Yesterday’s lunch consisted of a mini Lara bar (peanut butter cookie kind), an apple, a corn muffin, and apple cider!!! When I went to Honey Pot Hill I bought some, but didn’t open it until yesterday. It was such a treat. I really love apples. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been eating at least one a day. I’ll be really sad when I eat all the apples I got apple picking. The dining hall apples are terrible because they soft when you bite into them. I can’t stand that! Then I’ll either have to go grocery shopping (which probably won’t happen) or wait until I go home for Thanksgiving to enjoy a delicious crisp locally grown apple.

For dinner I fixed myself up a salad with lots of veggies and chicken. The salad consisted of mesclun greens, tomatoes, carrots, chickpeas, cucumber, black pepper, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. I also made myself a bowl with a little pasta, and mostly broccoli and corn (yes, more vegetables!). For dessert, my usual whole grain bread with honey and peanut butter. Overall a satisfying and filling meal!


This morning I had cereal for breakfast! It had been a while. I made myself a bowl with Bran and Special K and I ate it with vanilla soy milk. I also ate part of an egg white (sadly half it was overcooked) and fruit (banana and cantaloupe ). I also drank a cup of coffee. Need to stay awake for my 6 hrs. of straight class today!


Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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