Good evening!

I had a wonderful run along the river this afternoon. It was great because I could see the boats racing as I was running. I ran 5 miles at 7:50 mile pace. I wasn’t trying to push the pace too much (it was supposed to be an easy day whatever that means) but my legs were feeling alright and I wanted to get back to cheer on the Radcliffe boats! I honestly have no idea what my limits are in terms of pace. I just try to find a tempo that works and that I can sustain comfortably. And I do feel myself getting more used to these runs. 5 miles seems like no big deal now that I know I am able to run 12 miles (that was at  7:45 mile pace!). It’s really a great feeling. I like seeing that I am making progress. After my run, I had about 10 min to spare so I walked by the free food tents to see if I could have a bite of fuel since I knew I would be waiting around a bit. I found the veggie burger samples (so good!) and I also got some water. The races I watched were great! And our women’s lightweight team won gold so that was exciting! I never really knew too much about crew before this weekend. I definitely have a better understanding now and I think I appreciate it more than I did before.

For dinner tonight I make myself a salad with mesclun greens, spinach, beets, chicken with a tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, black pepper, and a thin slice of whole grain bread with olive oil. Something was not right though because my stomach did not feel that great after eating it. But for some reason I was really determined to have a small bowl of ice cream (Sundae Sunday!) and after I ate that I felt terrible. Like something was piercing my stomach. Not very fun stomach pains. So that felt kind of awful. Luckily it only lasted about 45 min and then I felt back to normal. I am not really sure what caused it. Maybe it was something I ate or maybe I just ate too fast? I didn’t think I ate too fast but who knows. It will remain a mystery. Anyways, after a couple meetings I ate an apple and my stomach didn’t act up again so I am glad about that! Now I can comfortably do more homework! 🙂 So much fun.

Have a good night!


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