Harvard Forest

Hello friends! I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend. I know I’ve enjoyed mine. Last night I had a real dinner! Finally haha. I took a nice nap after going to Head of the Charles and then went to get dinner in the dining hall. I made myself a salad with mesclun greens, beets, bulgar pilaf, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And I ate a banana! I was feeling a little low on the potassium. I think it had been a while since I last ate one. I also drank a cup of coffee. 


This morning I woke up pretty early. Too early for a Sunday. I went on a field trip with one of my classes to the Harvard Forest. It was a fun field trip so it was worth getting up early. Plus I got to eat doughnuts for breakfast. Yum. I splurged and ate two. One to wake me up and one before walking into the forest! I needed to wake up somehow, right?

The forest was beautiful! I had so much fun walking around and looking at the foliage. I love how the leaves are changing color. I couldn’t help but take lots of pictures! I made friends with part of a fern branch and carried it around the whole trip. It was kind of my own little flag haha because I kept waving it around. I was definitely enjoying myself.


Once we finished walking, it was time for lunch! I ate an apple (not pictured, whoops), and a mini Lara bar and granola bar that I got from Head of the Charles yesterday. I also ate half a chocolate chip cookie that my friend, Mai, shared with me! Note: I ate part of it before remembering to take a picture. After lunch, it was time to head back to school. I have some homework to do and I am also going on a run later! Maybe I’ll be able to catch the last couple crew races on my run.

Have a great rest of your afternoon!


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