Tea, Appetizers, and Head of the Charles

Cambridge got lucky with the great weather today! It is pretty usual for it to be this warm in late October. I know I definitely wasn’t expecting it be that nice out especially because it was rainy yesterday afternoon/evening.

So I haven’t exactly had a real meal since yesterday at lunch because of all the events I’ve been going to.  I ended up bringing one of my co-workers, Chad, to the Adams’ Tea, which was delicious! There was so much food including apple cider, tea, cakes, grape leaf wraps, zatar bread, spinach and artichoke dip, jerk chicken, goat cheese with figs, apple butter, nuts, peanut butter cookies, and that wasn’t all! We each got a small plate of various appetizers (there was too much food to be able to try it all) and just enjoyed the other company and overall atmosphere. Later that night, we and some of our other co-workers and bosses went to Daedulus as a going away celebration for Chad because he just got a new job at a biotech company! How exciting! There were six of us and we ordered several appetizers to share including bruschetta, artichoke hearts, nachos, mussels, calamari, tiramisu, and a small chocolate dessert. I am not a fan of mussels or calamari so I stuck to the bruschetta, salad that came as a side to the bruschetta and artichoke hearts, artichoke hearts, and the desserts. Everything I tried was great! And I had a hot apple cider to drink. It came in a cute class with cinnamon sugar around the rim and a slice of orange on the side. Even though I didn’t officially eat dinner, I would call that a great meal!

Then I went to the Leadership Event on social entrepreneurship. We had a good turnout and the students and speakers really seemed to enjoy the event. We had a reception afterwards. I was quite full but I did have this type of caramel toffee cookie from Trader Joe’s that is so dangerously good I just couldn’t resist having one!

Today I slept in and when I woke up it was time to walk to river for Head of the Charles. Every year there is a regatta in Cambridge and though I don’t know much about crew I know that this is one of the biggest ones worldwide. I watched three races where we had Harvard boats racing. It was so much fun to watch and cheer them on! I hung out with Kevin (my boyfriend) and Hunt (one of my good friends) and after we watched the races we found some of our other friends and decided to walk along the river to check out the food stands. There are a lot of stands that give away samples and that is what we were going for! I sampled yogurt with dried blueberries and granola, hummus and pita chips, mini veggie burgers, mac and cheese, and also took samples to go including Lara bars and some other candy and nut bars. Then we walked to Berryline where I had yet another sample of maple almond froyo and then I went back to my room where I ate a delicious apple. While that may not have been a sit down lunch, I feel very satisfied and ready to do some afternoon work!

Enjoy your saturday!


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