Three in one

Hello! Happy Friday! Yesterday turned out to be quite the day. While I only had 2 hours of class today, my evening was pretty busy. I went to work after my class. We’ve been trying to create working electrodes for our future experiments but so far this has been proven a little difficult. We played around creating different prototypes but didn’t find THE ONE. yet. We will eventually. In the late afternoon, I met up with one of my high school friend’s parents, who happened to be Boston this week! I love it when people from home come out to Boston. It’s so great to show them around and it makes me feel more connected to home. We walked around the square a bit and I took them to the COOP before I headed back to work. Afterwards, I went and grabbed dinner before going to bake! Adams’ House has a big tea every month with more food than you can possibly imagine for everyone who lives there (around 400 people?). I made three chocolate ganache cakes for the tea this afternoon. I hope people like them! The theme for the tea is Boston Tea Party so there is going to be all sorts of great appetizers and desserts. I samples a couple cookies yesterday and I approved!

Now for my meals! I’ve decided to post yesterday’s and today’s lunch as well as yesterday’s dinner all in this one post 🙂 I love making salads in the dining hall. As I am sure you know from previous posts, I can get pretty creative. For lunch my salad was made up of mesclun greens, broccoli, chicken breast, olive oil, black pepper, corn, and a little pasta with spinach and a few tater tots on the side. For dessert I had peanut and honey on two slices of whole wheat bread. My dinner was fairly similar. I had a smaller salad that consisted of arugula, olive oil, black pepper, and mushrooms. I also had two slices of Otto’s pizza.

This morning I went on a nice five mile run. I made my end destination the Cambridgeside Galleria and decided to do a little shopping! I got pants and sweaters. It’s definitely sweater season! I ran into my roommate at J.Crew and she was on her way to her home in Boston but decided to stop and the mall. She drove me back to school which was awesome! So much faster than public transportation. After fixing myself up I ate some lunch! I ate a delicious apple (another apple that I picked at Honey Pot Hill Orchards), a salad I fixed up in the dining hall and what do you know a small slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and honey. This salad was made up of mesclun greens, beets, chickpeas, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, black pepper and potato fries on the side. Yummy. 

This afternoon is unusually busy for a Friday. I have work and then we have a goodbye party for one of our co-workers who just got his first real job at a biotech company! I am also going to try to make the Adams Tea and then after all that I have an event with The Leadership Institute at Harvard College. I am really excited for the event and I think it is going to be a success!

What are you doing the rest of today?

Talk to you soon!


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