Faculty Dinner


Yesterday was a fun day. I went on a 5 mile run after my classes. I ran along the Charles River, which is probably my favorite run to do. The other day I ran to Fresh Pond and then ran around it (6 mile run) which was really beautiful, but the Charles is just nice and easy to get to. Also, there are dirt paths for runner to use. I really like that because then there is a little less impact on my knees. Anyways after my run, I went to the dhall to get some lunch. I call it my protein lunch because I had an egg white, spinach salad with chickpeas (and beets and corn), and peanut butter and honey on whole grain bread. I also ate my egg with bread (need those good carbs!). I also had a glass of chocolate milk (great after a workout!).


Then I did some homework before the Adams Faculty Dinner! Every semester we have a faculty dinner where students in the house can invite a faculty member to a fancy dinner in the dining hall. I invited my concentration advisor, Andrew Berry. He is awesome! We had a great time and enjoyed a nice dinner with awesome company! I sat with two of my good friends, Lizzy and Ashley and their faculty.

For starters we had a salad with raspberry vinaigrette, candied walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese. We also had a whole grain bun. Our entree was salmon on top of lentils and broccolini. I really enjoyed it! Dessert was delicious. We had a mini apple pie served with a small scoop of ice cream. And some coffee on the side!


I was supposed to head to another event after the dinner, but it got cancelled. Bummer. So instead, I did some homework before talking a break to catch up on my tv shows and then studying some more before going to bed. I would still call that a pretty good night. Well at least a semi-productive night!!


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