Back for good!

Hello everyone!! It’s Less!

I know I said I would be writing regularly when classes started, but that obviously didn’t happen. But now I am back! And I actually think it’s for good now 🙂

I have made some changes to my life the past month. I am no longer playing soccer, but I am still staying active with running. I am a newly converted long distance runner. Yesterday I ran 12 miles for the first time ever! I am currently training for a half-marathon that I will run over winter break in California. I can not wait. While I ran cross-country senior year of high school, I never really considered myself a long distance runner and didn’t particularly enjoy running 5-7 miles every day. I was only doing it to stay in shape for soccer. Also the most I ever ran was 10 miles once. But now I really look forward to long runs. It is a great way to take a break from classes and everything else and just breathe. I am following a training plan so that is helping me stay on track!! I also just joined the Cross Fit club on campus so I can lift a couple times a week and maintain my strength. I had my first session yesterday  and we just practiced proper squatting and shoulder press technique. I am glad it wasn’t too intense because I am not sure if my legs would have been able to handle it after all the running! Today is my day off so now my body has plenty of time to recover.

This morning I went to breakfast at a wonderful place called Crema Cafe, located right in Harvard Square. It was so nice that I decided that today was the day to re-start the blog posts =) I ordered a coffee and an egg sandwich. The egg sandwich came on a homemade english muffin with tomato, spinach, and scallions. It was the perfect breakfast! I know it is going to keep me full for a while which is great because I have class from 11-5 with no breaks! Ah. I also have a large delicious hand-picked apple that will serve as a snack/lunch since I don’t have any time for a proper lunch. Sometimes I try to stop and get a bite to eat but then I am always late to class!! So now I just try to bring something with me when I leave in the morning.

I am going to do a little work now before my first class. It feels so nice to be back!!

Have a delightful Tuesday!

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