First day of classes!


Today was our first day of classes! Our school does classes a bit differently from other schools because we aren’t actually signed up for classes the first week. Instead, we use the first week to “shop” for classes. In other words, we get to go to as many classes as we want in order to figure out the schedule and courses that work best for us. It’s really nice, actually. We feel like shopping period is a great way to ease back into the swing of things and then once the second week of classes roll around, we are ready to really dig deep into the material. We both enjoyed our classes today and hopefully tomorrow is just as successful! We love it when we have our classes all figured out. Having a concrete schedule makes everything so much easier and less stressful. 

We both met this morning for breakfast (picture fail!). However, we did manage to get a first day of school picture! Yay. In the afternoon, we went to the gym to get a workout in since we didn’t have practice today. We had planned on doing a track workout but the weather was not being cooperative. Rain on the first day of school! Come on!

We also forgot to get pictures of our dinners (Less made a really good salad) :(. Maybe tomorrow? Like we said, it’s the first week of school. Things are a little hectic now. Soon enough we will have a schedule and be posting like we were during the summer. Hang in there! We are!

Have a great night!

~Jess and Less

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