Back to school!

Hello everyone!

We have been so busy with soccer these past couple of weeks but we promise that our posts will become more consistent once we figure out our class schedules. Classes officially start on Tuesday and we cannot wait! With the stress of class we want to make sure we are staying healthy and fit. Playing soccer really helps us maintain healthy lives but off the field we must focus on our nutrition in the dining halls. We would both agree that these past weeks we have been eating pretty well! Almost every morning we’ll have a bowl of oatmeal to jump start the day and then salads for lunch and dinner. Many college students will go for the french fries or chicken fingers, but we know that our bodies will most likely react poorly to those food choices. This year we might try to enhance our creativity at meals because the same salad everyday can get pretty darn boring.

We will try to give you healthy tips to navigate your schools cafeteria, but definitely send us food ideas!

Can’t believe we are juniors!!
~Jess and Less

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