Hi Friends it’s Less!

I meant to write yesterday but the day and evening escaped me. We were busy bonding. If you can’t tell from our few posts regarding our team, we are close and get along very well. We like spending time together! Including eating meals!!

In the summer I never ate anything before our early morning workouts because it was SO early and I was still half asleep and also I just can’t eat right before working out because it makes me feel sick. But now that we have morning practice at a more reasonable hour and they are long, intense practices I eat breakfast beforehand. And anyways breakfast is closed by the time we finish practice so if I want breakfast I must eat it before. Even though there is time for my food to digest, I like to eat lighter food so there is no chance of me feeling sick. Yesterday morning I ate several pieces of fruit including a full peach, an entire banana with peanut butter and two pieces of melon. The banana is full of good carbs and potassium to keep my body properly fueled and the peach gives me fiber and other necessary vitamins as well as the melon. The peanut is a good source of protein. This morning I ate… a banana, a piece of melon, and a whole wheat chocolate chip muffin.

For lunch, I make sure that I eat some sort of protein, such as egg whites or chicken. The last couple days I’ve been making a half panini sandwich with humus, tomato, and grilled chicken on wheat bread. So delicious! It’s a good combination of carbs and protein. Ive been making sure to eat my veggies also, usually carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, and sometimes corn. Today I decided to make a lettuce wrap with the chicken and tomato and eat a small bowl of wheat pasta for my carbs. I also drink chocolate milk because that is a great recovery drink. Finally, I have some sort of dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth. They ran out of vanilla froyo (much to my disappointment), so the last couple meals I’ve been eating a small cup of mixed cereals (granola, special k or all bran, and life) with a little soy milk or non fat milk. Overall I’ve been eating pretty well in the dining hall. Usually I complain about dining halls but I am making it work!!







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