Pre-preseason, fitness test, and the future

Hi Friends!

Sorry we’ve been away for so long but the past couple of days have been pretty busy. We are finally reunited with our team and LOVING IT!

This is how we spent our pre-preseason:

It was such a blast. This is part of the reason why we haven’t been posting because we have been enjoying being around our teammates, meeting the new freshmen and just be crazy together. Two of our teammates parents organized all of the food and everything for the two days of pre-preseason and we were fed quite well. Our second day at the house we woke up and went on a light 2.5 mile run just to get our legs loose. We didn’t want to run too much considering we have quite a lot ahead of us with preseason officially starting two days later. So 2.3 miles seemed like an adequate distance to just loosen up. After stretching we went to the beach and relaxed and then came back to the house for some sandwiches for lunch. The rest of the time we spent napping, playing games, and watching movies. Finally, on Wednesday it was time to head back to school! 

When we got back to Cambridge, we moved into our preseason dorms and then just hung out. Thursday we spent the day getting physicals and meeting with our coaches and before we knew it it was Friday. You know what that means: PRESEASON! And…the FITNESS TEST.

We both passed our fitness tests! It felt so great to get that out of the way. Since our first day of preseason we have been busy going to breakfast, then practice, cold tubbing, eating lunch, napping, more practice, and finally dinner before hanging out and then going back to sleep. This schedule is another reason for our lack of posting. Because we are now going to soccer practice, our blog is probably going to focus less on our workouts since they don’t really apply to everyone. Instead we will try to focus even more on nutrition and sharing with you the types of foods that we eat and why we are eating them.

Stay tuned for our first nutrition-based post tomorrow!

Have a good night! It feels good to be back!

~Jess and Less

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