Team love

We wrote this post the second day of pre-pre season but didn’t get a chance to post it!


~Jess and Less

Good Morning!

Yesterday we reunited with our team! It’s funny how you don’t realize how much you can miss a group of people until you get back together with them. Last night was our first meal back with the team. We had Bertucci’s pizza with salad. The pizza came around 8:00pm so a ton of fruit was consumed between lunch and dinner as well. For dinner Jess filled her plate with a slice of the veggie pizza which had red peppers and mushrooms, and a large amount of house salad. Bertucci’s house salad is pretty good! It is a combo of iceberg and mixed greens with olives, cherry tomatoes, olives and onions all topped with grated parmesan.


Less made a similar dinner plate with a slice of the veggie pizza and a side of the house salad.

Bertucci’s pizza was pretty good! It’s definitely not a slice of NY style pizza but the sauce and crust complimented each other well.

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