Road trippin’

We had a fairly smooth trip into Cambridge. We made a couple stops at the rest stops to stretch out our legs a bit and use the restroom. Less ate most of her food from the patisserie on the road. This included a beet salad, a mini pistachio pastry, and the best cranberry chocolate chip cookie! She had also bought what she thought was a chicken salad, and then was very disappointed when she discovered it was run. Less is not a fan of tuna 😦 Jess had a hard time eating while driving but eventually she got hungry ate one of her sliders, which was ham and cheese. Once Less and Jess got back to campus they ate their last snack, a cucumber and goat cheese slider. The bread was so soft! Jess also got a coffee once on campus!
We listened to music and sang most of the way! The scenery was great and best of all we didn’t get lost!

Now we are on our way to pre-pre season with our soccer team!! We love seeing them again. It’s been too long!




We can’t wait to see where we are staying!

What did you have for lunch today?

~Jess and Less



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